Thursday, December 20, 2012


By the time December comes to an end, I am always desperate for vacaction! Which is exactly why I have now closed the shop for the Holidays. It will stay closed until January 7th.

You will still be able to place orders, but they won't be shipped until January 7th.

I definitely need some time to relax after this bust month! It's been a month filled with preparing and packing orders, running to the post office and re-making products that ran out. So for the next few weeks, I'll do nothing but read, knit, spend cozy time with my family, watch TV, play video games and see my friends! Hopefully I'll also have time to try some of the things on my "Things to Make" pinboard.

I will be blogging too, of course! Even though the blog is part of my shop, I blog for fun, so blogging doesn't count as work!


  1. Hoi hoi, dank voor je berichtje op mijn blog en voor het volgen ;-) Leuk hier!! De banner is van Buiten de lijntjes, gaaf is 'ie hè! Fijne vakantie! Xx

  2. Hele fijne feestdagen en geniet maar lekker van twee weken vrij, groot gelijk!!!


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