Monday, December 24, 2012

The Nutcracker

I walked past a thrift store the other day, and spotted this gorgeous nutcracker! A store near here has them every year, and I have wanted one for years, but they are €30 each, which is definitely outside my budget! Luckily for me, this little fellow was only €5.

I used to never find anything good in thrift stores, but I have been lucky lately. Do you often shop in thrift stores?


  1. This is fabulous! And as you know, I love thrift shops :)

  2. Geweldig is 'ie!! En ja, ik ben ook een echte kringloper... heerlijk!
    Geniet van fijne feestdagen! xx

    1. Ik vond vroeger nooit wat leuks bij de kringloop, maar de laatste tijd heb ik vaak succes!


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