Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tea & Tissues

Pickwick Tea

Unfortunately I brought home a bad flu from Germany. So I have spent the days between Christmas and New Years on the couch, surrounded by tissues, nose spray, cough syrup, orange juice, and of course...tea!

Pickwick Tea - Winter Glow

Luckily Holland is the perfect country for tea lovers, because it's the home of Pickwick!

Pickwick Tea - Speculaas

I especially love the autumn & winter seasonal teas. I stocked up on "Autumn Storm" a few months ago, and this month I've been enjoying "Winter Glow" and "Speculaas".

Pickwick Tea at Christmas

Are you a tea drinker too? What are your favorite brands and flavours?


  1. Oooh speculaasthee! Ik moet toch maar weer eens zakjes gaan kopen, zie ik. Normaal drink ik vrijwel alleen losse thee.

    Veel beterschap!

  2. Ah man, Tizz those teas sound amazing! I hope that you feel better soon medear xx

  3. Oh no sweet Tizz, i hope you feel better soon!! The teas sounds really good!! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog. The ribbon is made by a friend. :) Happy new year and love to you!!


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