Monday, December 31, 2012


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The only problem I have at the moment, is that I worry about things I shouldn't be worrying about. I take the whole world's problems on my shoulders.

So my one resolution for 2013 is:

Worry less. But don't beat yourself up over it if you don't succeed right away.

Do you have any resolutions?


  1. That's a good resolution! I used to be a worryer, too, but something must have happened as I don't see to be anymore?

    My resolutions are:
    1) Work less
    2) Lose weight and start exercising (the usual)
    3) Keep in touch with people better
    4) Get more organised

    1. Those sound good! I could add all of those to my list too!

  2. As Bob Marley said: "Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet."
    I hope this will bring some sunshine in peoples lives <3

  3. Enjoy more!
    My resolution is to be more happy!

  4. Great Idea! I am glad the January sales are over before I came across this post :D .. But I will start from today will have a shopping ban on myself for a month

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