Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I have done multiple attempts at learning to knit over the years. I blogged about how much I sucked at back in 2008, and I wrote that I finally got the hang of it in 2009.

I still never actually started a real project though, until last month! I decided to join a knitting group, and I started my first project: A green scarf for Mr.Licious.

I realised most of the ladies in my knitting group knitted continental/german though, and I learned to knit English/American style. Continental knitting is apparently better for your shoulders, and when my arm started hurting from the way I was knitting, I decided to switch.

That was easier said than done. I felt like I had to unlearn everything I learned before, and learn to knit all over again.

When knitting continental style, you hold the yarn in your left hand, and "pick" the yarn with your right needle.


The hardest thing for me was to learn how to tension the yarn in my left hand. I was all cramped up when I started, and my fingers hurt for days! I got the hang of it now though!

The project on the pictures is the one I'm working on now: Another scarf. I'm using "Drops Eskimo" in a pretty gray, and the "Fishermans Rib" stitch, but a special version with only knit stitches. It's a good project to start with when learning how to knit continental style, as continental purling is a little tricky.

I learned how to do this stitch at garnstudio.com. Here is the link to the video for this particular stitch. They also have tons of videos explaining how to knit both continental and English/American style.

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  1. I actually enjoyed knitting when I was little...now it just gets on my nerves...and needles turn into potential weapons after a few minutes LOL


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