Thursday, November 1, 2012

Witteveen Women's Fashion

I am not the first one in my family to have a shop. My great great grandfather Meindert Josephs Witteveen started a store for fancy women's fashion called Witteveen in 1883.

His shop was a huge success, and his sons started branches of the store too. One of those sons was my great grandfather, who started a shop in Heerlen. Two of his sons (one of them being my grandpa) took over the store for a while, but sold it after a few years.

The shop on the picture above is my grandfathers store. If you look closely you can see it says "Witteveen" on the store front. My dad found this picture this week on a website with old pictures of the city.

The shop is now gone, and last time I was in Heerlen the building was home to a CD store, where I coincidentally bought a CD once when we were in town visiting my grandma.

There are still Witteveen stores all over the Netherlands.

Though the Witteveen shops are not owned by our family anymore, apparently the merchant blood still runs through our veins. My cousin Noortje also runs a webshop, and a few months ago I got a wholesale order from Rock 'n Rowdy's owner Esther...Witteveen! I didn't know her, but we must be related somehow!

Do you know a lot about your family's history?

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  1. Wat leuk om dat allemaal te weten zeg! En zo'n foto is dat ook heel leuk om te zien!
    Ik weet eigenlijk niet zo veel van mijn voorouders eigenlijk, behalve dan dat mijn achternaam in de loop der tijd verbasterd is :)


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