Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Five: Five Things I Love About Being From Holland

1. Sinterklaas

Sinterklaas is our very own Dutch Santa. We celebrate his birthday on December 5th, kids get gifts in their shoes, and we eat the super yummie "pepernoten".

Kids in Holland don't believe in Santa (or the Christmasman, as we call him), but they do believe in Sinterklaas.

Lately Christmas has been taking over Sinterklaas a little in Holland, and a large group of people is against anything Christmas related in shop before Sinterklaas is over. I used to agree, but now I have my own (international) shop, I realise the logistics of that don't really work. No Christmas tree before December 6th though!

2. All hills look like a fantastic mountain landscape compared to Holland

Holland is flat. Really flat. Our tallest hill is 350 metres, and we call that a mountain. So every tiny little hill is an exciting mountain landscape to us Dutchies!

Another advantage of our flat country is that it makes cycling (which we Dutchies do a lot) very easy!

3. We have cool laws

Some of them anyway. Like gay marriage! Of course we have some stupid ones too, but this is a post about how nice Holland is, so I will just ignore those for today.

4. Stampot

Stampot is a mixture of mashed potatoes and vegetables. We have boerenkool (mashed patotoes with kale), hutspot (mashed potatoes with carrots and onions), andijvie (mashed potatoes and endive),... Yummie! We often eat them with sausage, and they are all delicious!

52/365 Echt Hema!

5. Hema

Hema is a small department store you can find it basicically every dutch city. Their collection is always colorful and fun, and definitely my favorite shop in the world.

What are your favorite things about your home country?

Please comment letting me know what topics you'd like to see in the next Friday Five!


  1. Jaaa, de Hema! En ook Dille & Kamille <3

  2. I have just been home to Limburg (Netherlands) and indulged in what I love (and miss) namely: endives,vlaai, and liquorice Oh and chips with fritessaus!

  3. Ha de Hema! Ook mijn favoriet!


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