Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Won, I Won!

Last week one of our big Dutch department stores, De Bijenkorf, held a pinterest competition. Every day they gave away a €100,- gift certificate for their store to one of the lucky pinners who made a pinboard with at least 5 items from their big sale collection.

And guess what? My "Autumn in the forest" themed board won their competition!

I was pretty shocked to see that I won, because on the days before, all boards that won were yellow and black (the stores colors) and mine wasn't at all. Luckily for me, October 4th is "Animal Day" in Holland, and they picked and animal themed board to win because of that.

Now I have the "hard" task to figure out what to spend my €100,- coupon on! I have been on a financial diet, so having €100,- to spend on fun things without feeling guilty will be a really nice feeling!

I have already looked around at De Bijenkorfs website, and I found some things that I just might have to get...

I love this random crap box! And I have a lot of random crap, so it will definitely come in handy.

Ever since I started the Paleo diet I eat a lot of eggs. So this plate from Blond Amsterdam is perfect for me.

Tea! Who doesn't love tea?


I probably won't buy this bird house, but I had to share it, because I love it.

This cute little Bambi is a lamp! Aaaah, love it!

As you can see, I won't have a hard time spending my gift certificate ;) I'll let you know what I bought once I went on the big shopping spree.


  1. Natuurlijk heb je gewonnen met zo'n super leuk pinboard! Die Bambi lamp! die wil ik natuurlijk ook!!

  2. Leuk zeg, gefeliciteerd! Ik heb ooit eens een waardebon van de Hema gewonnen met hetzelfde bedrag...ik kan je vertellen; het is zo op :D
    Heel veel plezier met uitgeven! Euhm...nu staat m'n hele naam er...dat was niet de bedoeling :D

  3. Van de Hema! Dat lijkt me helemaal geweldig! Ik ga even kijken of ik je comment kan editen en je naam weg kan halen.

  4. Dank je! :D Ik had wel geluk dat ze speciaal om dierendag een dierenbord kozen!

  5. Thats so cool! Congrats! And enjoy the shopping! :)

  6. Gefeliciteerd! Leuk zeg!


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