Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Five: Five TV Shows I Watched This Week

From now on, I will be posting little lists of 5 things on a certain theme. I am watching TV while I'm typing this, so this week I'd like to start with...

Five TV Shows I watched this week:

1. Beverly Hills 90210

Yes, the original! I never watched when I was a kid, because my parents thought I was too young for it. After watching the new 90210, I decided it was time to watch the original. I've been watching a couple of shows a day for the last few weeks!

2. Project Runway

I love love love Project Runway! I am always excited when a new season starts again. I usually have a favorite designer, but this season I can't really choose. Do you have a favorite?

3. Glee

What can I say? I'm a gleek.

4. New Girl

Great comedy! And I am in love with Jess' style!

5. How I Met Your Mother

This show is on TV all the time. I am missing episodes all the time, and it jumps from season 1 to season 6 or something, but I am still enjoying it. I think I should start at the beginning at some point though, because I get very confused sometimes!

Which TV Shows have you watched this week?


  1. Veel plezier! :-)
    Fijn weekend!!
    Liefs Anneke

  2. Ik ben niet zo'n TV kijker maar ben wel gek op een paar series. BH 90210 heb ik vroeger wel gekeken en was groot fan. Bij de huidige ben ik op een gegeven moment afgehaakt. Ik volg Private Practice heel graag ( en de Engelse BBC serie Eastenders. Daar kijk ik al naar sinds mijn 16e en ben nu 35, dus da's al best wel lang toch?! Thanks trouwens voor je leuke berichtjes op mijn blog!! :D Goed weekend verder!

  3. Dat is inderdaad behoorlijk lang! :) Ik kijk ook van alles online hoor!

  4. Leuk, ik ben fan van leuke lijstjes!


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