Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Five: Five Things I Loved As A Kid

Five thing I loved as a kid:

Fisher Price Poster via Les Happy Vintage
1. Fisher Price

We had so much of this stuff when I was little! When doing a search for Fisher Price on Etsy, I see my entire youth flash by! And how awesome is this poster by Les Happy Vintage?

2. Alfred J. Kwak

I absolutely adored this cartoon! It wasn't until years later that I realised the stories were based on history. Brilliant!

3. Prince of Persia

I played this game for our and hours. I also ended up in those spikes a lot!

4. Lego

Didn't we all love Lego? Especially the pink "Paradisa" collection was nice for girly girls like me.

5. Ministeck

Does anyone else remember this stuff? My friends and I once made an enormous lion out of it. I have a picture of it somewhere, but I'd have to go through our old photo albums to find it.

What did you spend your time with as a kid?


  1. Herkenbaar :) Ministeck en lego... Ik kon me er uren mee vermaken... nog steeds denk ik als ik het tevoorschijn zou halen :P

  2. Hahaha allemaal dingen waar ik me in kan vinden! Ik ben ook zo vaak in die spijkers gevallen met prince of persia, niet normaal!


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