Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Queensday Flea Market Finds

April 30th is one of the best days to be a flea market loving Dutchie! On that day we celebrate Queensday. I don't know why, or how the tradition started, but on Queensday there are flea markets all over the country.

I visited one of the flea markets in my home town yesterday, with my mom. I found some really nice things this year!

Vintage Verkade Kwartet Spel

The first thing I bought was this vintage children's card game. It's called Kwartet in Dutch, it's like Go Fish. (Though I don't know if Go Fish is with playing cards only?) The box is a bit battered, but the cards are all in perfect condition. I only paid €0.50 for it!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 Camera

Then my find of the day, this Fujifilm Instax camera! Only €10! It came with some film too. I can't wait to use it! Last year I found an old polaroid camera, but I still haven't bought film for it, because I am not sure if it will work, and I didn't want to waste money on a camera that doesn't work. I should try that soon too though.

A Whole Lot Of Tins

And last but not least, lots of tins! I have a weakness for old tins, I just can't resist them! I think one of these is not actually vintage, but the other ones are. I love how they look all together.

To those of you from Holland: How was your Queensday? Did youi visit the flea markets? If yes, did you find anything nice?

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  1. Congrats on your awesome finds!

    Yes, Go Fish is played either with children's matching cards or just a regular deck. :)

    And that camera looks awesome! Please post some pictures taken with it so we can see!

    I love those tins! I can see why you couldn't pull yourself away xD

    Sadly, I don't celebrate this day but it sounds so fun! Glad it was a great day for you :)

    ~ Kieli ~


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