Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Own Little Photo Studio

Thanks to my photographer friend Marjolein, I now have the perfect setup for taking product pictures! I had all these random things, like a cheap lightbox, a daylight lamp and some LED lamps, but I never managed to take nice pictures using them. I was always just waiting for the right weather so I could use natural light.

Marjolein helped me create a setup that has the right light, so I am super pleased! No more hoping for slightly overcast but not too dark-weather!

The only downside is that the lights are super bright. Next time I might try this setup without the big daylight lamp, because it really hurt my eyes. On the bright (no pun intented) side though: At least I won't get winter depression!

In case anyone is struggling with taking product pictures too, this is the setup I'm using now:

- Cheap lightbox (Ritz Studio)
- LED lights (Falcon) on the sides
- Cheap lamp that came with the lightbox on top (but this will be replaced with a LED lamp soon too, as this crappy lamp gets WAY too hot)
- Philips Energy light (but that can probably be done without)


  1. The only downside is that the lights are super bright.

  2. Your photo studio is really nice and this is a great business because  making money from photography.  I think this every product in this studio perfect for photography. 


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