Monday, December 31, 2012


Image via Abduzeedo
The only problem I have at the moment, is that I worry about things I shouldn't be worrying about. I take the whole world's problems on my shoulders.

So my one resolution for 2013 is:

Worry less. But don't beat yourself up over it if you don't succeed right away.

Do you have any resolutions?

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tea & Tissues

Pickwick Tea

Unfortunately I brought home a bad flu from Germany. So I have spent the days between Christmas and New Years on the couch, surrounded by tissues, nose spray, cough syrup, orange juice, and of course...tea!

Pickwick Tea - Winter Glow

Luckily Holland is the perfect country for tea lovers, because it's the home of Pickwick!

Pickwick Tea - Speculaas

I especially love the autumn & winter seasonal teas. I stocked up on "Autumn Storm" a few months ago, and this month I've been enjoying "Winter Glow" and "Speculaas".

Pickwick Tea at Christmas

Are you a tea drinker too? What are your favorite brands and flavours?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Shimelle Giveaway Winner

The Shimelle giveaway has ended, and I have picked a winner! Congrats Linsey Penland, you have won a Shimelle Class Pass of your choice! Please contact me at info (at) tizzalicious dot com.

Christmas in Germany

Monschau, Germany at Christmas Time
Monschau, Germany

You probably didn't notice because I planned some blog posts, but I was away for the Holidays. I spent some time in Germany with Mr.Licious and my family.

We had a lovely time, filled with delicious food (although I skipped the deer, hare and duck! Eek!), family and fun.

Einruhr, Germany
Mr.Licious and I in Einruhr
My mom's aunt Jacqueline invited us all (my parents, my sister, her boyfriend and my nephew, and Mr.Licious and me) to stay in a nice hotel in Germany where she'd be going for years. The people who owned the hotel were so sweet! They even got gifts to give to all of their guests on Christmas Eve!

Monschau, Germany
Monschau, Germany
Monschau, Germany
Monschau, Germany
Because the weather was quite bad, we spent most of the time inside, but we did go for a walk in the little town of Einruhr, and we went to Monschau, an adorable little city.

Monschau, Germany
I hope you had a lovely Christmas too! Did you stay at home, or did you go somewhere?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Finished Infinity Scarf

I finished knitting project number two! It's the scarf I wrote about earlier.

I actually finished it last week, but as it was a Christmas present for my sister, I couldn't show you the results yet.

It turned out super warm and cozy. And even though I made a few mistakes, my sister was surprised when she found out I made it myself, which has a to be a compliment!

I have started a new project too, a little scarf for my mom! After the Holidays I will probably start something more challenging than scarves, but for now I wanted to stick with something I could do without too much thinking, so I'd be able to knit when I'm around people, without constantly having to pay attention to my knitting.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stamped Gift Tags

I decided to keep my gift wrapping simple this year. I used red polka dot paper, and made some cute gift tags with stamps and ribbon I got at Søstrene Grenes.

Did you do anything special with your gift wrap?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! How will you be spending the Holidays?

Little Robin

We had a little gift exchange at my knitting group last week. Everyone brought little gifts, and we each randomly received something.

I got this super cute birdie! I love it! If I would have spotted it in the stores, I absolutely would have bought it myself. Isn't it adorable?

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Nutcracker

I walked past a thrift store the other day, and spotted this gorgeous nutcracker! A store near here has them every year, and I have wanted one for years, but they are €30 each, which is definitely outside my budget! Luckily for me, this little fellow was only €5.

I used to never find anything good in thrift stores, but I have been lucky lately. Do you often shop in thrift stores?

Christmas at Casa Licious

I have shown some pictures of my Christmassy windowsill earlier this week, but I didn't show you how cozy it looks at night yet! Isn't it lovely?

I am obsessed with little houses lately. I bought this one at Tiger.

I love my little white Christmas tree! I bought it at Hema last year, because my bigger tree was getting a little full!

I buy a few new ornaments every year. These are my latest aquisitions! If you would like to see my other tree, and the cute ornaments I got during the previous years visit my older posts here, here and here.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Five: Five Crafts For The Holidays

Five Crafts For The Holidays...

Painted Ornaments via Little Gray Fox

1. Painted ornaments

Doesn't that look gorgoeus? Find the tutorial here on Little Gray Fox.

Printable Gingerbread Houses via WhiMSy Love and We Love To Illustrate
2. Printable gingerbread houses

So cute! Image via WhiMSy love, using printables from We Love To Illustrate.

Gingerbread Cookie Garland via Neringa-Blogas

3. Gingerbread Cookie Garland

Yum, these probably wouldn't last long in my house. Despite the fact that I shouldn't be eating grains. Or sugar.

Via Neringa-Blogas

Tiny Christmas Trees via Silly Old Suitcase

4. Tiny Christmas Trees

Spotted on Silly Old Suitcase's lovely blog. A tutorial for these cute miniature Christmas trees.

Clothespin Ornaments via Duitang

5. Clothespin Ornaments

I can't read a word of this tutorial, but oh how I love these!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


By the time December comes to an end, I am always desperate for vacaction! Which is exactly why I have now closed the shop for the Holidays. It will stay closed until January 7th.

You will still be able to place orders, but they won't be shipped until January 7th.

I definitely need some time to relax after this bust month! It's been a month filled with preparing and packing orders, running to the post office and re-making products that ran out. So for the next few weeks, I'll do nothing but read, knit, spend cozy time with my family, watch TV, play video games and see my friends! Hopefully I'll also have time to try some of the things on my "Things to Make" pinboard.

I will be blogging too, of course! Even though the blog is part of my shop, I blog for fun, so blogging doesn't count as work!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DaWanda Wednesday: Kessy Oh

DaWanda is a European based shopping platform for handmade products. Every Wednesday I pick one of my favorite DaWanda sellers, and share some of their items with you. This week I picked Kessy Oh.

Matryoshka Purse by Kessy Oh
Matryoshka Purse by Kessy Oh

Daisy in Love Purse by Kessy Oh
Daisy in Love Purse by Kessy Oh

Ipad Sleeve by Kessy Oh
Ipad Sleeve by Kessy Oh

Cherries Lunchbag by Kessy Oh

Visit Kessy Oh on DaWanda for more!

Flavourites Giveaway Winner!

We have a giveaway winner! Congratulations Chantal from Forms and Finds, you won our Flavourites notebook giveaway!

Two pieces of happy news for those of you who didn't win this time:

One: Remember we have another running giveaway! You can win an online scrapbooking class by the talented Shimelle! Click here to enter.

Two: you can buy the Flavourites notebook at!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I have done multiple attempts at learning to knit over the years. I blogged about how much I sucked at back in 2008, and I wrote that I finally got the hang of it in 2009.

I still never actually started a real project though, until last month! I decided to join a knitting group, and I started my first project: A green scarf for Mr.Licious.

I realised most of the ladies in my knitting group knitted continental/german though, and I learned to knit English/American style. Continental knitting is apparently better for your shoulders, and when my arm started hurting from the way I was knitting, I decided to switch.

That was easier said than done. I felt like I had to unlearn everything I learned before, and learn to knit all over again.

When knitting continental style, you hold the yarn in your left hand, and "pick" the yarn with your right needle.


The hardest thing for me was to learn how to tension the yarn in my left hand. I was all cramped up when I started, and my fingers hurt for days! I got the hang of it now though!

The project on the pictures is the one I'm working on now: Another scarf. I'm using "Drops Eskimo" in a pretty gray, and the "Fishermans Rib" stitch, but a special version with only knit stitches. It's a good project to start with when learning how to knit continental style, as continental purling is a little tricky.

I learned how to do this stitch at Here is the link to the video for this particular stitch. They also have tons of videos explaining how to knit both continental and English/American style.

Monday, December 17, 2012

What To Wear With... Mushroom Studs

What To Wear With... Mushroom Stud Earrings

A cozy outfit to wear with Tizzalicious' mushroom stud earrings.

Shopping information:

Fox Sweater / Military Jacket / Skinny Jeans / BootsCream Beanie & Mittens / Mushroom Studs

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cute Craftster of the Week: Happy Dappy Bits

Time for some Sunday cuteness! I love these eco friendly paper goods by Happy Dappy Bits!

I Like You - Eco Friendly Anniversary Card by Happy Dappy Bits
I Like You Card by Happy Dappy Bits

Mini Sketchbook - Postal - by Happy Dappy Bits
Mini Sketchbook by Happy Dappy Bits

Robot Birthday Card by Happy Dappy Bits
Robot Birthday Card by Happy Dappy Bits

Travel Journal by Happy Dappy Bits
Travel Journal by Happy Dappy Bits
Visit Happy Dappy Bits on Etsy for more!