Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How I Spent The Holidays

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a fantastic & relaxing time during the Holidays. My time spent with Mr.Licious family was great and filled with:

♥ Walking around in PJ pants. Mr.Licious' mom (Mother-in-lawicious?) bought us all matching PJ pants, which was hilarious, and a great excuse to walk around in comfy PJ pants all week. I loved it.

♥ Reading

♥ Loving the Christmas decorations around the house

Cuuute Vintage Christmas Girl

This cutie belongs to Mr.Licious mom. Isn't she adorable?


I have a nutcracker obsession. A shop near here sold pink ones last year, and I soooo regret not buying one!

♥ Eating cake from vintage paper plates!

Vintage Paper Plates

Vintage Paper Plates

Can you believe those plates? Mr.Licious' parents recently moved in to his grandparents old house, and they started using things that his grandmother saved for years. Can you imagine my squeelevels (???) when we got cake served on these vintage paper plates? They must be so rare, I mean, who saves paper plates, right? I am glad Mr.Licious grandmother did though, I love them.

♥ Admiring the snow (through the windows)

Winter Wonderland in Jordløse

The weather was absolutely crazy. Mr.Licious dad picked us up at the bus station, but the car doesn't have winter tyres, and we got stuck on a hill, so we all had to get out and push the car! The rest of the week we stayed in and enjoyed the pretty view from the windows. This is the view of the backyard, from the living room window.

New Years eve was spent at home with some friends. It was a lovely little party.

How did you spend the Holidays?


  1. Beautiful pictures! You have a great blog, and I LOVE the background!

  2. My holidays were lovely. We had some pretty crazy weather too, hit with a snow storm the day after Christmas but it all cleared up in time for New Years. I pretty much have been wearing the PJs my father gave me for Christmas, like,every day! Those paper plates are funky, what kind of cake is that? :)

  3. PJs are THE Holidays outfit :D It's chocolate pudding pie. Basically crust
    with chocolate pudding, and whipped cream of course. No idea if it's
    American, but it very well might be, as Mr.Licious mom is from the US :)
    It's deliiiicious. But then again, I don't think I ever came by a cake or
    cookie that I don't like ;)

  4. Yeah! Never thought I'd see a paper plate I'd get excited about but those are really cool!


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