Monday, June 14, 2010

Go Holland!

The World Championship has started, and today is Holland's first match. It's a special one for me, we are playing against Denmark, where I am at the moment, surrounded by Mr.Licious' Danish friends. I hope my relationship will survive this match! ;)

I love this years' World Championship Mascot. What a cutie! If wish I could crochet so I could make myself one using this pattern by K and J Dolls.

Are you following the Championship? Or are you only watching the games that your own country plays? Or none at all?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Facebook Fan Page Giveaway

I am having a giveaway on the Tizzalicious Fan Page on Facebook! You can win a I will be giving away a 20 euro // 25 dollar (depending on where you live) Tizzalicious gift certificate.

What do you have to do? Simply join/like/fan the Tizzalicious page (you do this by clicking the "like" button on top of the main page), and replying to the giveaway image. If you can't get to the image using the link, you can find it in the "wall photos" album.

The giveaway ends on June 15th, so make sure you enter in time!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Etsy Meetup & Sunday Market

Sunday Market June 6th, 2010
Maartje from Mamutopia & I - Picture by ZSB Creations

The market last sunday was a strange but all in all great day! The beginning of the day wasn't a big success: I had no customers at all for the first 2 hours, and to top it all off, a woman of the organization came by to tell us that the police let them know a huge storm was coming up, and that it was up to us to decide if we would stay or go.

I didn't want to go, but my mom, who came along to help me, insisted on me starting to pack. She was worried the whole booth would come falling down. Luckily right at that moment someone came by who told us that she just talked to a friend who is a pilot, who had said that the storm was hours away. So we stayed after all.

I am glad we did, because the weather stayed okay (we had a few drops of rain, but when you expect a crazy thunderstorm with lots of wind, that's not so bad, right?) and sales started picking up to. By the end of the day I sold quite a bit, and I had a fun day. I love interacting with customers, and getting feedback!

At 6.00 pm, when the market closed, and we started to pack, it did start to rain. Badly. Perfect timing!

After the market ended, we had our Etsy meetup, with Matt from Etsy, and a whole lot of Dutch (and even a few foreign!) Etsy sellers. We had some drinks, listened to Matt telling us the history of Etsy and the plans for the future, and Kim from Vilt A La Kim taught us how to make little felted soaps. It was a lot of fun, and I loved meeting everyone!

Making Felted Soaps
Making Felted Soaps - Image by Vilt A La Kim

Sadly my pictures didn't turn out okay. My mom took pictures of my booth, but used the wrong setting, so you can't see anything on them, and the pictures I took at the meetup are all blurry. Gah! Luckily the other ladies there took plenty! I love this one Kim took while we were making soaps. My hands sure were clean afterwards!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sunday Market - Amsterdam June 6th

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I have a good excuse though: I have been busy preparing for the Sunday Market in Amsterdam on June 6th! It was kind of a last minute plan, because I was actually supposed to be out of the country on the day of the market, but since Matt & Benedikta from Etsy Europe will be there, and a whole lot of Dutch Etsy sellers will be selling, I decided to just change my flights. I can't miss a fun opportunity like this!

I will be sharing a booth with Maartje from Mamutopia again (like the last market I did), so that will be fun too!

Sooooo, if you are in the neighbourhood, and have no plans on June 6th, and you would like to meet me and all these other great people, stop by at the Sunday Market at Cultuurpark Westergas Fabriek. For more info, click here!

And if you do have plans...cancel them?