Monday, December 20, 2010


Some pictures I took recently...

Snow Post

Sending packages that need to be refrigerated would not be a problem these days...

Snow Post

A basket full of snow on my bike...

Snowed In

It might be a bit cold for a picnic...

Cold Picnic

But at least I am dressed up warm with my woolly hat!

Warm & Woolly

Snow snow snow. I love it. I hope it will still look like this at Christmas! Did you get a lot of snow where you live too?


  1. we did get a lot of snow last week, it melted and then turned to ice blagh! :p but it snowed again yesterday, so thinks are back to looking like a winter wonderland :D

    you got a lot of snow there!

  2. Wat een stoere brievenbus hebben jullie!! Leuk zo met sneeuwhoed ;)


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