Monday, November 8, 2010

Gifts For The People In My Life (Maybe You Know Someone Like Them) - Gift Guide

Two years ago, during the Holiday season, I posted my "Gifts For The People In My Life (Maybe You Know Someone Like Them) - Gift Guide". I loved doing a gift guide that way, so I am doing it again!

So what exactly does "Gifts For The People In My Life (Maybe You Know Someone Like Them) - Gift Guide" mean? Here's what I wrote about that back in 2008:

When doing my Christmas shopping I came across things that some of the people in my life would LOVE, but which I didn't end up buying for various reasons. I already found something else for some of them, some didn't ship to Europe, some were waaaay out of my budget, etc.

Because I think these items would still make great gifts for someone, I came up with the idea to turn them into a gift guide. I will describe the people in my life who I think they'd be perfect for, so if you know someone just like them, maybe it's the perfect gift for them!

I will post a gift guide like this every week until Christmas, with different people from my life as inspiration. I won't be able to show you the gifts I actually bought for them, as some of these people read my blog, but I will make sure to show them after the holidays!

So let's get started!

A gift for: My boyfriend Per
Age: 24
Profile: Student, and a typical one at that. He loves beer, movies & gadgets. He's funny and doesn't mind a little provocation/political incorrectness in his jokes. Don't worry, he's not serious when he's being offending. Other things he loves are coffee, doing random stuff online and watching geeky TV shows like Star Trek.

The Internets T-Shirt by Chop Shop Store

A gift for: My sister Lieke
Age: 26
Profile: Lieke is a secretary at a law firm, She loves shopping, especially for bags & shoes! She isn't into colorful clothing, and likes things that aren't too "weird". She also loves her iPod, and she is a mommy to be!

iPhone Cozy by Pomella

A gift for: My cousin Eefje
Age: 30
Profile: Eefje is a nurse, and likes to be organized and tidy. She recently started studying again. She loves everything pink, red, striped and polka dotted. Can you tell why we get along?

Reusable Fabric Notebook Cover by Our Little Messes

A gift for: My Mom
Age: 59
Profile: She might be 59, but my mom certainly doesn't dress like a typical 59 year old (whatever that might be), she likes bright and bold colors in her clothing and colorful or large accessories, and is always looking for the perfect bag. She loves traveling, walking in the mountains, cooking, photography & filming and editing the things she created.

Four Petal Enamel Earrings by Michal Shabtai

Happy gift shopping! Check back next week for more gifts for the people in my life.


  1. Hi, what a wonderful idea, I'll be back for the next part!
    : )

  2. This is a great idea!


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