Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cute Craftster Of The Week: Graphic Spaces

Look at these bookends by Graphic Spaces! Aren't they adorable? I spotted one on the Etsy front page the other day, and I knew this weeks Cute Craftster of the Week was found.

Someone please buy me that bookshelf! I have nowhere to put it, but I'd throw out by wardrobe (and its contents) for it! Well, maybe not mine, but Mr.Licious' one for sure ;)

Visit Graphic Spaces on Etsy for more woodland bookends!


  1. TE schattig :) geen boeken inzetten en gewoon naar gaan lachen de hele dag!

  2. amazing :) I love the mushroom bookend.

  3. They're so cute, I love the rabbit bookend :)

  4. Ubercute! We have that tree, but as a wall decal, from Graphic Spaces! Sure, it's less functional, but is very very very pretty ;-)
    (a picture is on my blog, for curious cats!)

  5. Morning! I couldn't resist showing off Graphic Spaces work on Cuteable after I had seen it on here - I linked back to you too :)


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