Monday, June 14, 2010

Go Holland!

The World Championship has started, and today is Holland's first match. It's a special one for me, we are playing against Denmark, where I am at the moment, surrounded by Mr.Licious' Danish friends. I hope my relationship will survive this match! ;)

I love this years' World Championship Mascot. What a cutie! If wish I could crochet so I could make myself one using this pattern by K and J Dolls.

Are you following the Championship? Or are you only watching the games that your own country plays? Or none at all?


  1. Just watching from your view point! We don't watch sports around here, but then again we don't have much time for tv. I've been busy with new projects. Nice pictures!

  2. The soccer charm bracelet is fantastic! :-). Have a wonderful week!

  3. Football world cup season is over..... now we need that for club football race. By the way its very lovely........Three cheers for you right now for such a lovely stuff that you made for Holland.


  4. Oh this is lovely! You make really lovely thing! If you like you can add a picture and a link to your own website on my blog. I would be thrilled if you'll add something! YOu can find my blog at


  5. Oh I love that little lion, it's very cute!

  6. since brazil lost that match against netherlands i think i've lost the excitement about world cup but it's okay... :/


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