Friday, May 21, 2010

Yellow Happiness

I am wearing my brand new yellow skirt (bought yesterday!) today, combined with a grey cardigan. I love the color combination, and it inspired me to make a grey & yellow set on Polyvore. What do you think?

What colors are you wearing today?


  1. Awesome. We like way too much of the same stuff. Did you happen to buy your
    skirt at H&M?

  2. Daar word ik nou ook blij van!! Dat geel met grijs is wel een leuke combi zeg!!

    Ik heb een hele leuke geblokte geel ( = hoofdkleur ) /bruin/wit blouse jurkje van dickies <3 nu niet aan hoor maar daar ben ik verliefd op!

  3. What a lovely color combo! :o)

  4. Blue & brown is also nice! Not on me though, brown is bad for me. In fact,
    it seems like all earth tones are. Black & grey and bright colors is what my
    complexion seems to like.

  5. Haha, I think it won't surprise you if I tell I wore my yellow skirt with a grey cardigan too! :D Love the colour combination!

  6. How fun! Today i'm rockin' a blue and brown combo. :)

  7. I am all about black and lilac today ;) love your set by the way!!!

  8. i love it! ♥ it's a perfect little outfit =D i reeally love that brolly & daisy ring!

    Chloe x


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