Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back With New Goodies!

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments, here and on Twitter, about my migraines! It's been a rough couple of weeks, and I don't feel completely well yet, but there is definitely an improvement, so I am back!

I haven't been sitting entirely still these past 2 weeks either. I often felt semi-okay in the evenings, and I spent that time editing pictures and adding new goodies to the shop:

Cute hairclips to match the brooches I mentioned before. I love how these turned out, they are so sweet! I also added 2 more of those brooches by the way!

Two sets of heart magnets. I only have one set of the pink ones, so make sure you get it before it's sold out.

A bracelet! I really need to make more of those, the bracelet category at is looking awfully empty.

And last but not least, this keychain/bag hanger with skull ribbon and various charms. I will definitely be making more of those, because it's so much fun to do!

Of course everything is available at, Etsy & DaWanda, as usual.

What do you think? Any favorites? And what do you think I should make more of?


  1. Your pretty things just jump right off of those colorful backgrounds! I love how you do your product photography!


  2. Ah yeah, sunshine can be quite bad! Do you always wear sunglasses? I do when
    there's even the tiniest bit of sun, that does help :)

  3. Nice to hear you feel a bit better. Migraines are awfull! I only get migraines when I sit in the sunshine too long, but I can avoid that if I want to.

    You did make a lot of lovely stuff!


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