Monday, April 12, 2010


In Holland, we don't eat pancakes for breakfast, but we have them for dinner. I had some today. They are high in my Food Top 10, and I don't have them very often, so it's always a treat.

Mine didn't look this awesome though! In fact, they looked nothing like it, as Dutch pancakes are actually more like crêpes...

That's more like it. I ate mine with cherry sauce and sugar though. Delicious!

Talking about them made me crave them again. Luckily I had some batter left, so I can always have some for breakfast tomorrow morning, American style. And next time maybe I should try a rainbow stack too?


  1. Yeah, our pancakes (pannekoek) here in SA are like crêpes too! Smaller, fatter ones like American pancakes we call plaatkoekies (like British flapjacks/crumpets). But we never have this for breakfast either. Usually as a snack with golden syrup and butter (plaatkoekies) or cinnamon sugar (pannekoek). Now you've made me hungry! :-)

  2. Now my mouth is watering so bad it hurts! I like to have pancakes for dinner also, because having them for breakfast leads to a painful sugar crash reeeeally quickly! Especially since I like to load up mine with nutella and peanut butter :)

  3. They are called Pannekoek in Holland too :) I love how South African and
    Dutch are so alike! :) Pannekoek with cinnamon and sugar is sooooo good!


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