Thursday, April 8, 2010

Owls & Roses

I sometimes have a hard time finding the balance between working too much and relaxing too much. I seem to either have days where I work non-stop, and forget to take breaks, or days where I am superlazy. I found a new way to work though: I switch between relaxing and working constantly during the day. I read a chapter in a book I enjoy, then work on the things on my to do list (either for the shop or around the house), I read another chapter, I work a little more, etc.

I tried this for the first time earlier this week, and I was amazed at how much I got done, while still feeling like I had a relaxed day! So from now on, my work days are a read & work mix.

Owl Rings available at, Etsy & DaWanda

One of the things I got done was taking pictures of a lot of things I made some time ago, but never listed yet. I have already shown you some of the rings I added earlier this week, but I added a couple more today, roses & owls this time.

Rose Rings available at, Etsy & DaWanda

That's not all I've been working on though. I have also edited pictures for a whole bunch of super cute brooches. So keep your eye on the shop for those!

What keeps you motivated? Do you take a lot of breaks, or do you just work work work?


  1. Love the blue owl ring! As a freelancer I don't really have a choice how I work, it's always crazy one day and superquiet the next. I find it quite frustrating. :-(

  2. Ah! That's a though question. As an university student I have an hectic schedule, therefore getting organized has become a necessity^^ I make a strong division between free and studying time: I have noticed that, when I finally am concentrated, I can stay concentrated for a pretty long time. Making breaks while working is not the best solution for me:) But I become easily tired and stressed if I work on the same subject for a long time.
    Usually I think: okay, now I study for 1/2 hour German literature, then I translate for another 1/2 hour, then I work on my German vocabulary for 1/4 hour etc. etc. In this way I can study for two, even three hours with only a 10-minute-break^^ I am such a busy beeXD


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