Monday, March 1, 2010

January & February Stats & March Goals

Aaaah, it's March already, and I haven't blogged for a whole month! I never even got around to posting my January stats! So I will be combining January & February this time.

Thanks for all the sweet messages and comments about my migraines. I had a bit of a stressful month, on top of the migraines, and I got behind on everything in life. I feel a little more on top of things now though, and I seem to have the headaches under control a little more too, so I should be able to continue blogging on a daily basis, like I used to. I missed you all!

Books I finished (January):

1. A Crown Of Swords (Wheel Of Time #7) - Robert Jordan
2. The Path Of Daggers (Wheel Of Time #8) - Robert Jordan
3. Winter's Heart (Wheel Of Time #9) - Robert Jordan
4. Dance Through Time - Lynn Kurland
5. Broken - Penny Kendall

Books I finished (February):

1. Playing For Pizza - John Grisham
2. Getting To MaƱana - Miranda Innes
3. Crossroads Of Twilight (Wheel Of Time #10) - Robert Jordan
4. The Memory Game - Nicci French
5. New Spring (Wheel Of Time #0) - Robert Jordan
6. Land Of The Living - Nicci French

Movies I watched (January):

1. Dawn Of The Dead (1978 version)
2. Dawn Of The Dead (2004 version)
3. Planet Terror
4. Day Of The Dead (1985 version)
5. Day Of The Dead (2008 version)
6. Death Proof
7. Hot Fuzz
8. Shaun Of The Dead
9. Kindergarten Cop
10. The Bank Job
11. Breakfast At Tiffany's
12. Emma
13. The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
14. Fast and Furious
15. You, Me and Dupree
16. Sherlock Holmes
17. Zombieland
18. Avatar

Movies I watched (February):

1. Night At The Museum
2. American Psycho

Addiction Of The Month: Lollipops
TV Show Of The Month: Glee
Food of the month: Pizza. I had way too much of it.
Best purchase of the month: A super comfy couch, with discount!
Items sold on 19 (January) and 4 (February)
Items sold on Tizzalicious.etsy: 22 (January) and 12 (February)
Items sold on Tizzalicious.dawanda: 22 (January) and 38 (February)
Total items sold this month: 63 (January) 54 (February)

I'm not too pleased about my number of sales, as I sold more last year. However, I did work non-stop then, never took a break, so I guess it makes sense. I will be working on a new promotion plan though, so hopefully things will pick up again!
My January Goals were:

♥ Upload all the items I made to the shop
♥ Work on a new plan for advertising & promoting♥ Work out with Wii Fit a lot!

Goals for March:
♥ Upload all the items I made to the shop
♥ Work on a new plan for advertising & promoting♥ Work out with Wii Fit a lot!
♥ Blog more often again

I failed all the goals, so I am giving them another try this month.


  1. You finished 3 Robert Jordan books in one month? Dang. :D I read to 9 or 10 then stopped with that series. Ooh, pizza and a comfy couch! Sounds fantastic.

  2. I love that you post stats for the month. Great idea! I love the movies you watched in January, especially Hot Fuzz, THE bank Job, and Breakfast at Tiffany's. I love the stuff in your Etsy store; keep it up!

  3. Yay, you're back! :D

    I hope the migraines stay away for ever!

  4. Haha yes, I like to read...a lot :P My boyfriend is reading them too (re-reading I should say, he read them all a few times before) and I keep catching up with him, so then I need to read a few other books in between until he finished his book :o

  5. So glad to see you back!


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