Tuesday, March 2, 2010

H&M Love

I love this night set from H&M. It reminds me of Blythe dolls, so how can I not love it?

And this cardigan! Cherry love ♥! I don't look too good in white though, so it might not suit me.

Maybe this one would be better for me. With some colorful accessories of course!

What do you think about H&M? People seem to have different opinions about their quality, etc. To me they are perfect though. I always find something I love, AND I can afford it. I would shop at little independant stores more often, as I do for accessories, but I just can't afford that. I have no complains about the quality either. Because everything is cheaper, you can buy more, or replace things faster, which I prefer over having only few expensive pieces. I love shopping too much for that!


  1. good night :) You have the cardigan cherries?I do not want to sell?emilie_autumn_0@hotmail.com

  2. H&M is one of my all-time favorite stores! Fairly cheap, always have a sale, good quality, and cute clothes/pj's/lingerie/etc. I don't know too many people who go there though :( Shopping there is the greatest! Except for the jeans. I have a hard time going through those there.

  3. I love H&M, and every time you go there its an adventure: what will I find there? There is so much to choose from.
    I love the last choice you showed.


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