Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cute Craftster Of The Week: MqSquare

I love blogging on Sundays, because it means picking a new Cute Craftster of the Week. I found you a very very cute shop again: MqSquare. Have a look...

Squeeeee! Can you see why I love this shop? Visit MqSquare for more cuteness!


  1. Hi, I used to stop by here so much more often- Its been TOO long because I LOVE This site!! I'm adding you to my blogroll so that it doesn't happen agaiN! I love these little wooden dolls more and more have been showing up on Etsy! Too Cute. I also wanted to tell you about a very girlie-kawaii-esque- mega-GIVEAWAY I'm doing on my blog that I think you would absolutely dig! There is a small Jun Planning Angel Dal doll in it and she is very CUTE and lots of little Hello kitty stuff - it has an estimated internet value of $75 - I wouldn't have written about here if I didn't think it was right up your alley!! Please go check it out on my blog -
    the contest ends on April 4th :))

  2. That apple pincushion is marvellous. Love the mushroom fabric.


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