Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blog Love

It feels so good to be blogging daily again! It's part of my daily routine, and I missed it a lot those few weeks I was gone. So here's a post dedicated to blog love!

Some questions for my lovely readers: Do you have a blog yourself, or do you stick to reading them? If you do blog, what is your blog about?

Do you bookmark the blogs you like, and visit them one by one, or do you use an RSS reader? I use Google Reader, and wouldn't know what to do without it. There are sooooo many blogs I love, without a reader I definitely wouldn't be able to keep up with them all.

And what about commenting? Do you comment a lot? Or do you just read without commenting? This post at Meet Me At Mikes inspired me to comment more, and especially to reply to the comments I get. I haven't replied as much as I would have liked. I want to make sure that those of you who comment on my blog know that I appreciate the comments a lot. It's always nice to get some feedback, no matter how short it is.

Last but not least: What kind of blogs do you like to read? Do you like a lot of pictures, or do you prefer text? What kind of things make you bookmark a blog and come back to it? And maybe just as important: What makes you close the page and never come back?


  1. Sounds very familiar. I always want to comment, but I just don't have enough

  2. Loooove blogging, maar het kost soms zoooveel tijd :s Leuk dat je ook weer lekker actief bent :)

  3. I thought this was an appropriate post to comment on to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! (Phew!) And to answer (some of) your questions, I like blogs that have a nice mix of text and pictures, and a nice mix of craft/art/hobbies and life. Because I like to know about the person who's writing the blog. Finding out about other people's lives is what makes bloggery so interesting!
    Nat x

  4. I've been enjoying your daily blogging again!
    I know I should get with the times and use RSS or google reader, but I'm not that smart. So my favorite blogs are on a list in my blog sidebar, and it's ordered by most recently updated. And I stalk my own blog to see if anyone's left me a comment (haha!) So anytime my fav blogs are updated, I just click straight from the list.
    I usually only comment if I have something to add to the conversation, or if the post is just really amazing.
    I find blogs easiest to read when there are lots of pictures and the paragraphs are broken up, but if there are only pictures with captions I lose interest quickly. I like to get to know the blogger more personally, when they talk about their family or their everyday lives.
    I'll add a blog to my sidebar if I find it inspiring- Obviously if there are lots of tutorials, but also I like image collages and posts about the creative process of handmade.
    I don't come back if profanity is used. I'm a prude like that ;)

  5. I love this post. I read my fav. blogs through Google reader and comment on maybe 50% of them. Because of this it is hard for the blogger to see if you visited but it helps saves you time as you are catching up. Have a great week and Happy Spring!

    Sandy xox

  6. My blog is based in South Africa and focuses on all sorts of lovely and inspiring things (local and international) like décor and accessories. I subscribe to the e-mail newsletters of my favourite blogs and visit them whenever a new post is added, and I almost always comment. I suppose that's because I appreciate it so much when people comment on MY blog. :-) I like lots of pictures, but not too tiny ones, and a reasonable amount of interesting text (not too much please!). I don't like personal blogs (like public diaries) at all though.
    By the way Tizz, your blog is practically perfect in every way (like Mary Poppins!). :-)

  7. I try to comment as much as possible, but there is never enough time to comment on all of the blogs that I read :/ so I usually comment when I have something to say or if I have a question about the post. I have no idea how many blogs I follow lol its an addiction adding more lol I use thunderbird to read them, its easy for me to use and check my mail.

    I read all kinds of blogs, art, craft, personal, pretty much anything that can keep my interest and go back to the blog

  8. I would be lost without my Reader, for sure. I like, read, and blog about a mix of topics - just as an example, the names of a few of my folders: Crafty, Advocacy, Fabulous, TV, Addicted & Famouso. I'm definitely a variety/equal opportunity reader.

    I don't comment as often as I would like, mostly because there's just SO MUCH. And I try to respond to the comments on my blog in e-mails, because I never go back to check a thread (unless I've subscribed to it, which isn't an option on my blog), so I just assume that other people don't either: I could be wrong, but that's how I do it.

  9. I find blogging so addictive! As is reading them. I use RSS with Google Reader, it's so awesome, but overwhelming if I miss a day or two. Plus I end up opening numerous tabs while reading the posts . . . . it can eat up a lot of time. I'm actually debating getting a egg timer to set to help me limit the time I spend lost in the internet, even though it's all related to my blog and I'm learning stuff.

  10. I have a blog. I try to keep it a crafty blog but I have not been very productive so I feel like I don't have much to share. I try to leave comments, but sometimes I just like to read the blogs. I use bloglines to read the blogs I like. Most of the blogs I read are craft-based or are about cute Japanese products.

  11. One thing that will have me clicking away very quickly is music on blogs. By all means tell me your favourites but please don't set it up to play automatically! I too have google reader and would be lost without it :) And I read the post by Pip too and have been trying to respond to bloggers comments and comment on more blogs again :)

  12. Sounds like we have the same taste in blogs. Text definitely needs to be
    broken up, or else I can't concentrate. Or maybe I'm just lazy? :P


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