Monday, March 15, 2010

Big Box Of Promo Goodies

Tizzalicious Pen & Journal

The mailman brought me another something nice last week: a huge box filled with Tizzalicious promo goodies from Vistaprint. I ordered 5000 (!!) business cards, a journal, a bag, a pen, some cards with my Twitter URL, a car magnet and post cards.

Business Cards

Business Cards

This is what my business cards look like. It's the same design I had before, except I got them glossy this time. You can't see on these photos, but it looks really nice in person.

Big box of business cards

The box is all came in was gigantic, and super heavy. I guess that makes sense, with 5000 business cards! I always run out of them so fast, that I figured ordered a whole bunch at once would be useful.

Tizzalicious Bag!

I love my Tizzalicious bag! I have been using it to carry my packages to the post office. It came in useful right away. Someone asked what I was shipping, so I told her I make and sell jewelry, and I could show her what kind right away by pointing at my bag.


  1. Everything looks so great! You should get more of those pens. I would be so excited to see one included in an order. :)

  2. I love the pen too! Thing is, on Vistaprint the pens aren't all that
    cheap. I am trying to find another place that prints them with logo's,
    but haven't found one yet. Pens are good for promotion I think!

  3. So cute! The pen is awesome :]

  4. Wow, you're so smart! Handbag-marketing-as-you-go! Your bizcards look fantastic - and 5000 of them! You must be really popular. :-D

  5. Wowzer! Yeah pens are a great idea because people actually use them. Plus people borrow them and then notice.

  6. I love the idea of the tote bag! I'm sooo stealing that idea missy! ;) xoxo


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