Friday, January 22, 2010

Tattoos (Tizzalicious on

Tattoo artist Stefan from wrote a very nice piece about Tizzalicious this week! Want to see what he wrote, or view his fantastic work? Just visit and look around a bit.

Thank you for the nice feature, Stefan!

I looked around at Stefan's flickr, and found this sketch for a tattoo he did. I love Disney movies (I have a huge collection of Disney DVD's), so obviously I am in love with this!

How do you feel about tattoos? Do you have one (or more) yourself? Do you hate them? Do you like them on other people, but are they not for you? I am in the last category. I love them, but I seem to get bored of things fast (even my pink hair was boring to me after a while!), so I think it's safer for me to just admire other peoples' pretty tattoos instead. Or maybe I should just start chewing bubblegum that comes with temporary tattoos again?


  1. i love tattoos! i have 6 so far, and want to get more one day.
    temporary ones are fun too!

    and you could always try piercings - at least they're not permanent ;)

  2. I love tattoos too! I only have one at the moment but have plans for more :) My mum has 3 and my dad has about 30 - we are a tattooed family!

  3. I love tattoos too! I only have one so far, and it's really hidden, so actually nobody ever sees it, and I also sometimes forget it is I hope this will prevent me from getting bored. :) I am planning a second one but I still haven't found the perfect spot!

  4. Yeah I love tattoo's too, I have 9 at the moment, and have just started getting my full sleeve done. My boyfriend is a tattooist so he is pretty much covered!


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