Monday, January 18, 2010

Keeping My Ears Warm

Tizz in the snow

Brrrr, it's been so cold here! It's really a winter that deserves to be called winter this year. I am glad I have a cute woolly hat to keep my ears warm.


  1. You look great in that hat! Thankfully we are having a warm winter for once here in Canada. Thanks so much for sending positive thoughts my way!

    Stay Warm!

  2. Pretty! I think this is the first year in many that NL has a tougher winter than NY. Normally we are wading through snow up to our knees when you just have a bit of rain here and there, now it feels like spring here and you have all that snow and ice! Stay warm, stay safe!

  3. It's really crazy! There has been more snow in Holland than in Denmark too. Very confusing.

  4. Aaah, no, my knitting skills need some work to be able to do that :P I bought it at SIX.


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