Monday, January 11, 2010

Acupuncture Barbie

Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend. I have been feeling pretty bad migraine-wise, so I spent as little time online as possible.

I love this image by Migraine Chick. It reminds me of a dream I had some time ago, in which I did have acupuncture. When I came home I found forgotten pins all over my body. They looked like these sewing pins too, with colorful heads. Weird stuff.

Have you ever tried acupuncture or any other form of alternative treatments for any kind of illness? I tried a lot of different things, from plain weird to things that seem to help a lot of people (like acupuncture). Unfortunately it didn't help for me though. For now I feel a little done with all the treatments. I have had times where I felt there was nothing else in my life besides either having a migraine, or visiting all kinds of doctors and therapists!


  1. Vervelend, die migraines. Hier een artikel over de dingen die je zelf kunt doen, zoals MSG en aspartaam schrappen, hydrateren, hydrateren enz.
    Deze site staat echt vol met natuurlijke tips die een wereld van verschil zouden kunnen maken. Sterkte!

  2. I have a headache right now XP lol

    I did try acupuncture for a while for allergies, when it were well I really liked it, but it didn't exactly "help." The doctor I went to was fairly green to it though, only two years of experience, so I think that may have been why. If I had a lot of disposable income I'd do it just to keep the chi flow proper ;3


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