Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Little Break

You might have noticed that I haven't updated for a few days. I have gotten a little behind with basically everything in life, so I decided to take a tiiiiny blogging break.

I will be back when I am feeling a little more organized again, which should be in a few days :) If you would like to know what I am up to in the meantime, just add me on Twitter!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cute Craftster Of The Week: New York Couture

You will have to be a little daring to wear New York Couture's creations, because you will definitely be in the spotlight. So if you don't mind a little attention and cuteness, this is definitely the place to shop.

Visit New York Couture for more!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Stationery Saturday: Owlbot

Owlbot is the perfect shop if you like to send cute mail. Their CD envelopes are great for swapping mix CDs with your friends, and their cards will cheer anyone up!

Friday, June 5, 2009

May Stats & June Goals

Another month's gone by. I am a little late with these, but I have been extremely busy, and now I seem to be ill, so I didn't have time before.

Books I finished:

1. "Loverboy" - René Appel
2. "The Accidental Wife" - Rowan Coleman
3. "Lost Girls and Love Hotels" - Catherine Hanrahan
4. "De Co-Assistent" - Anne Hermans
5. "Star Sullivan" - Maeve Binchy
6. "De Tragische Geschiedenis Van Mijn Succes" - Elle Van Rijn
7. "Zinloos Geweld" - René Appel
8. "Figuranten" - Arnon Grunberg
9. "The Other Boleyn Girl" - Philippa Gregory
10. "De Verbouwing" - Saskia Noort
11. "Talking To Addison" - Jenny Colgan
12. "Indecision" - Benjamin Kunkel
13. "De Heilige Antonio" - Arnon Grunberg
14. "Number Ten" - Sue Townsend

I read a LOT at the beginning of the month, before things got busy!

Movies I watched:

1. Star Trek: First Contact
2. Star Trek: The Search For Spock
3. Star Trek (New Movie)
4. The Devil Wears Prada
5. Star Trek (New Movie)
6. Star Trek Insurrection
7. Crank
8. The Day The Earth Stood Still

Can you believe I went to see the Star Trek movie twice? I loved it that much!

Fun of the month: Lots of shopping with Lieke & Eefje!
Annoyance of the month: Way too many headaches.
Activity of the month: Reading & organizingFood of the month: Knäckebrød with chocolate spread. Oh so good. Must make some now.

Items sold on 13
Items sold on Tizzalicious.etsy: 16
Items sold on Tizzalicious.dawanda: 51
Total items sold this month: 80

My May Goals were:

♥ 125 sales
♥ Finish adding all new items to the shop

I didn't even come close to my sales goal, I guess I was too usy having a social life & being ill to work on the shop much. Hopefully that will improve in June!
Goals for June:
♥ 100 sales
♥ Get organized again
Did you reach your May goals? And what are your plans for June?

Beauty Products That Work

256/365 Face Mask Monsters

Not everyone is a natural beauty with perfect skin, so some of us (me included) need some help. With all the products out there it's hard to know which ones actually do what they say, and which ones are full of promises but don't actually do anything. So, inspired by the facial mask that is currently hardening on my face, I would like to share some of the products that have worked wonders for me.

Vichy Normaderm
I started using Vichy's Normaderm line when I was on medicines that gave me really bad skin. I was desperate, so I went to see a skin specialist at the pharmacy. She suggested the Vichy Normaderm Concentrate to use on the problem areas. After a while I also started using the facial cream and facewash. It did so much good for my skin. I'm completely spot free and my skin looks nicer in general.

Zwitsal Bodylotion

Not only does Zwitsal smell delicious, it's also made for babies, so it's very gentle stuff. I am allergic to most eye make-up removers, so I use this bodylotion to take my eye make-up off. I was told it's not good to use something like that on your eyes, but it's the only thing that doesn't make my eyes red and poofy, so I would say in my case it is good!

Mask Of Magnaminty by Lush

Lush' bath & body products are fantastic in general, but I have a special love for their Mask of Magnaminty. It makes my skin flawless and incredibly soft.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

Everyone likes having a nice smooth complection, but no one likes have a pancake face. This is why I love L'Oreal's True Match Foundation. It makes my face look smooth, but not caked. Make sure you choose a color that matches your skin though!

Your favorites?

I use some more fantastic products, but I will save those for another time. What are your favorite beauty products? I would love to hear all about your favorites, so I can try them out! I am especially looking for the perfect mascara, so if you use one that you are pleased with, let me know.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Celebrating Spring





Not too hot, not too cold, pretty flowers everywhere,... What's not to love about spring? What's your favorite season?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

DaWanda Wednesday: Muchacha K

Wednesday, DaWanda Day! I have found you a nice shop again: Muchacha K

Visit Muchacha K on DaWanda for more pretty pouches!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Milk: Yucky but Cute

Milk Cutie

I have a love-hate relationship with milk. I have never liked the taste of it, in fact, I despise it. I love chocolate milk though, and other dairy products like yoghurt, ice cream and pudding. But the milky things I like most are cute milk cartons.

I think my cute milk carton obsession started when I first saw Blur's video for Coffee & TV. It's one of those songs where the video is so intriguing that you are so caught up in it that you forget to listen to the music. If you have never seen it,you have certainly missed out, and you should go view it here right away!

Milk Cutie

Using a template I found online, I made myself a cute little girly milk carton the other day, to hang out with in the garden. If you would like one of your own, you can find the template here.