Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Queensday!

Queen Beatrix
Holland celebrates Koninginnedag today. Konininiwhat? Koninginnedag, which means "Queens Day", on which we celebrate our Queen Beatrix' birthday. It's not actually her birthday though, but her mom's, our former Queen Juliana. It gets more complicated with every sentence, doesn't it? Beatrix's birthday is in January, and with Holland's weather the way it is (rain rain rain!) that isn't a nice day for outdoor activities and festivities, so when Juliana died, we (don't ask me who this "we" is!) decided to keep Queensday on April 30th, like in the years before.

Orange Tompouce. Usually they are pink, but on Queens Day we have orange ones. They are delicious!

Almost our entire population is dressed in Orange this day (as our royal families last name, Van Oranje, means "Of Orange"), we eat Orange "tompouce" (see picture above), and there are parties and fleamarkets all over the country. It's mainly kids selling their old toys, and stuff from their parents attics. I used to sell there too when I was younger, every year on Queens Day I got up long before dawn, and set out to the old village part of my city, to make sure I'd have a good spot for my wares.

One day when I was about 12, I sold all of my Barbie dolls, and the gorgeous Barbie doll house that my dad once made for me and my sister when we were little. Oh how I regret that now! I made enough money to buy my own TV that year though, one I still have and use, so I guess it was a good investment. (Despite the fact that my boyfriend claims the 7 inch screen on my Asus EEE laptop is bigger than the one on the TV!)

Orange & Holland Inspired Goodies available at, Etsy & DaWanda

Aside from selling my beloved Barbie dolls, the fleamarket on Queens Day was also the first place I sold my handmade jewelry! Earrings mainly, but also hair clips if I remember correctly. We made a lot of them using this foamy type of rubber. It was very popular in those days, but I have no idea what it's called. We used to call it "Klippemaakspul" (Clip Making Stuff"), but that clearly wasn't the correct name for it ;)

Do you remember where you first started selling your craft? Was it forever ago, like with me, or was your current shop your first step to selling your creations? I would love to hear your stories!

Edit: It seems like this Queens Day wasn't such a happy one after all. This morning a car drove through the barriers (and the various rows of people in front of them!) in the city of Amersfoort, attempting to drive straight into the bus with the royal family. The driver lost control of the vehicle though, so he didn't hit the bus, but a monument instead. The members of the royal family are safe, but 4 or 5 people lost their lives in the accident. Festivities all over the country were cancelled after what happened.

You can see a video of the incident here, and one of the chaos afterwards here. I'm sorry for the heavy, serious and sadness this post turned out to be, but after posting about Queens Day, I could not ignore what happened here.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

DaWanda Wednesday: Anja Zerlett

Happy Wednesday! I have found you some nice DaWanda goodies again, at You Never Know by Anja Zerlett this time.

Visit Anja Zerlett for more!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love Letter Stud Earrings

You would almost think I am having a letter themed week at the blog. After writing about letters, lettersets and penpals yesterday, I have more letter related goodness to show you. No paper ones this time though...

My creation

I added these love letter stud earrings to the shop yesterday. They are available in pink, white and red.

As always, you can get them on, DaWanda and Etsy.

Today seemed mail related in general though. Not that I got any nice mail (bills and ads!), but I did spent a lot of time today catching up on my e-mails. I'm one of those people who is horrible at replying e-mails. Send me a snail mail letter and you can expect a reply fast, but send me an e-mail and it might take forever. Shop-related e-mails do get replies of course, maybe that's why I'm so slow with the others ones. I spent enough time to reply e-mails as it is, so the personal ones get neglected. Sorry friends!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Letters Are Love

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend? I spent mine writing letters, reading, sitting in the sun socializing with the boyfriends family, watching TV, and napping. Nothing like a relaxed weekend!

Charlie Motel Letter Set

I was a little behind on writing my penpals, but during my crazy catch up month (I think I could describe the last few weeks like that), I wrote everyone back, so now I can reply to letters as soon as they come in again. It's nice to write again, I missed it!

Charlie Motel Letter Set

Writing more also means using up my stationery, which gives me an excuse to go on a stationery shopping spree again some time soon ;) Not that I am close to running out (I probably have enough lettersets to last me the next couple of years), but I always feel like I have the right to buy some more once other sets run out. It's only fair, right?

The sets in these pictures is by Charlie Motel, I managed to purchase them from the Charlie Motel Etsy shop before it (sadly), closed its doors.

Charlie Motel Letter Set

Do you ever write letters? And if you do, do you use nice stationery? Which shops do you like most for buying it? Do you ever buy stationery on Etsy? As you know from my Stationery Saturday posts, I browse Etsy for stationery a lot, but I don't buy it there as often as I would like. A lot of times shops only have notepads, or lettersets with only a few sheets. I like writing long letters, so sets with only a few sheets are no good for me.

So here's my request to all you fantastic stationery sellers out there: Please add letterpads to your collection! I can assure you, there is a big market for them!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cute Craftster Of The Week: Reclaim2Fame

My cute craftster of the week this week is actually not just a craftster, but a craftster (Mickey) and her son (Will), together they run their Etsy shop Reclaim2Fame where they sell bags, teddy bears, and these fantastic snack server robots which I have fallen madly in love with.

Aren't they fantastic? They are on sale at the moment too, so grab one quickly before they are all gone! Visit Reclaim2Fame on Etsy.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stationery Saturday: Notebooks Etc.

It's Saturday, Paper day! I have found some cuuuuute stationery for you again this week, in a shop called Notebooks Etc.

Visit Notebooks Etc. on Etsy for more cute notepads!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hair Flowers in Progress

Hair Flowers in Progress

Now that I am done creating, I finally have time to create again. It felt good to finally make something new after so long. I worked on these hair flowers.

Hair Flowers in Progress

My desk definitely looked bright and colorful while I was glueing these! I made a couple for myself too, because I hardly ever leave the house without a flower in my hair in spring and summer, and I felt like I needed some more of my own creations for that purpose.

Hair Flowers in Progress

Here's the finished result:

Hair Flowers

They are not in the shop yet, but they should be soon. I will keep you updated!

Thursday, April 23, 2009 Launch!

It was a lot of hard work, but I got it done eventually: Translating the Tizzalicious shop into Dutch! So I am now happy to present!

There are little flags on every page, to switch from English to Dutch and the other way around, and I will start a new newsletter in Dutch too.

Some of you might know that I studied to become a translator for a while, so you would think that translating my site was easy as pie for me. Unfortunately, it turned out that translating was not my thing. I failed the first exam 4 times!

It looks like even though my English is fine, and Dutch is my mothertongue, I just can't combine the 2 languages. When I am speaking, reading or writing English, my Dutch completely dissapears. Strangely enough, I am better at translating from Dutch to English, so it would have been better for me if I made the site in Dutch first ;)

I kept studying translating for quite a while, it was a home study, and my parents paid a lot for it, so I didn't want to give up. I also wanted to make sure I had something to fall back on if my shop wouldn't be a succes. Translating would be a job I could do from home, so the migraines be less of a problem than a regular job.

After failing 4 times everyone seemed convinced that I just wasn't any good at though, so together with my parents I decided to give up, and concentrate on the shop instead. I am still happy I made that decision! Ironic how it's the shop that made me have to translate again though!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

DaWanda Wednesday: Kate Garey

I discovered another cute shop for you on DaWanda: Kate Garey from the UK.

Find more cute bags in Kate Garey's DaWanda shop.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Peek At My Supplies: Black & White

A Peek At My Supplies: Black & White

Some time ago I showed you my gold & silver, pink & turquoise supplies. I promised pictures of the boxes with other colors as well, but then totally forgot about it! Time to make up for that. I have taken pictures of all the sorting boxes now, and will be showing them over the next few days. As you can see, I am starting today with black & white!

A Peek At My Supplies: Black & White

It doesn't look likie I use a lot of black & white at first glance, but I actually do. I use them as bases a lot, and then add some other color to make everything a little more colorful & happy looking, which is what Tizzalicious goodies are supposed to look like!

A Peek At My Supplies: Black & White

I love dice beads! I haven'tactually used these yet though. I'd better fix that soon.

A Peek At My Supplies: Black & White

A Peek At My Supplies: Black & White

That's it for my black & white goodies pictures! I will show you some more colorful supplies next time. Maybe my box of red & green?

Monday, April 20, 2009

11% sale on selected categories at DaWanda!

DaWanda is having a site wide sale: 11% discount on selected categories in all participating shops! This spring sale is running until April 26th only, so make sure you don't forgot to check which category has the discount every day, and purchase from your favorite DaWanda shops!

The sale rund from 8 pm until 12 am Central European time each day. Which is 2 pm until 6 pm EST.

Tizzalicious is taking part too of course! I have items in a few different categories, so keep your eye out for some great bargains.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cute Craftster Of The Week: Funky Recycling

The shop I have chosen this week is called Funky Recycling, a name they definitely deserve! Their items are funky, original, and of coure recycled. Top that off with some cuteness, and you have the perfect shop!

Vist Funky Recycling for more recycled can goodies. Aside from these magnets, you will also find necklaces, earrings, pins and much much more.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stationery Saturday: TapeSwell

I mentioned my deco tape addiction earlier this week, so I figured a stationery saturday post on deco tape would be appropriate! I discovered TapeSwell a few weeks ago and I will definitely be placing an order soon. Look and enjoy!

Mod Blooms Decorative Packaging Tape available at TapeSwell

Visit TapeSwell for more fantastic deco tape, or maybe this Ultimate Tape Dispenser, which I desprerately need myself?

Ultimate Tape Dispenser available at TapeSwell

Friday, April 17, 2009

From Holland With Love

From Holland With Love Necklace available at, Etsy & DaWanda

I finally found the time to continue the tranlastion of into Dutch. I started it months ago, but so many things came up (changes to be made to the English version of the site, new products, etc), that I never got around to finishing it. I am making great progress now though, which needs to be celebrated by showing you a nice typically Dutch item: My "From Holland With Love Necklace"!

From Holland With Love Necklace available at, Etsy & DaWanda

The necklace is made with a ceramic delft blue wooden shoe, a windmill charm, czech glass flower beads and a lucite striped disc bead. All in red, white and blue of course, the colors of the Dutch flag.

If anyone is wondering why the Dutch soccer team (or any other Dutch sports team for that matter) and their supporters always dress in orange, when our flag is red, white and blue, the explanation is simple: Our royal family's last name is "Van Oranje", which means "of Orange".

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cute mail from We've Got Paper!

Stationery From We've Got Paper

Remember my feature on We've Got Paper a few weeks ago? Julie, the brain & artist behind the shop loved my feature so much that she wanted to send me a thank you gift. I could pick any of the things from her shop, and she would send them to me! Yay! It wasn't too hard to decide, I just had to have the Panda Girl letter set!

Stationery From We've Got Paper

A few days later I already found a package on my doormat, which included not only the letterset, but also some very adorable stickers.

Stationery From We've Got Paper

Iiiiie, I love them! I can't wait to use the paper for a letter to one of my fantastic penpals.

Stationery From We've Got Paper

Thanks so much Julie, you made my day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009