Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The boyfriend and I spent our Christmas money on a Wii! We bought it a little before Christmas, so it brought us a lot of joy over the holidays. The best moment of the week was definitely seeing my parents box each other on Wii Sports. Simply hilarious.

This Wii Remote Soap by Digital Soaps would probably make me try to turn on the shower by pointing it at the tap!

Tikikiki hits the nail on its head, hurting myself playing Wii is is very likely to happen to me. My mom also kept worrying that I would knock over the TV or Christmas tree!


What was your best Christmas gift this year?


  1. Cool! I'd love a Wii too one day :)
    My favorite gift this year (so far, I haven't seen all my family and friends yet) is a calendar made especially for me by a friend!

  2. Hehehe Wii strikes again:)
    Mmm, actually there are TWO gifts which I really love. One is a necklace with a moustaches' shape, and the other one is an organizer for my scrapbooking papers. Thank goodness! Those papers were flooding my roomXD

  3. My sister is a Nintendo nerd. I may have to get her some Wii soap.


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