Friday, December 18, 2009

Vreeswijk Bij Kaarslicht

My hometown Nieuwegein is a town created by building a lot of new (and ugly) houses between 2 very cute villages, and turning them into one city. I hate the new parts of the city, but the old villages are still intact, and are a good place to go for a stroll.

Photo by Unknown

The old village closest to where I live is Vreeswijk. Every year in the middle of December, Vreeswijk bij Kaarslicht (Vreeswijk by Candle Light) is held. All the lights in the village are turned off, and thousands of candles and tealights in empty glass jars are lit. I try to go every year, because it's such a nice atmosphere.

Photo by Gert Jan

This years' Vreeswijk bij Kaarslicht was 2 days ago. I didn't get to go (I had a fun reason though, picking up the boyfriend at the airport!), but I wanted to share some pictures of the event I found online anyway, to show you what it's like.

Photo by Gert Jan

Does your hometown have any nice traditions?


  1. wow.. that looks cool. sometimes i wish i lived in a small town. events like this are kind of impossible in the city.

  2. so pretty!
    and how fun, will you be celebrating the holidays with your love in NL?

  3. Wij hebben kaarjes avond in Gouda. Is ook erg leuk met veel lichtjes.

  4. 28% of the population of Bradford is south-asian so schools celebrate a mix of festivals, such as Diwali! :)


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