Tuesday, September 1, 2009

July & August Stats & September Goals

I accidently forgot to post my July stats! So this month I will post both my July & August stats, and my September goals of course.

Books I finished (July):

1. "Getting Rid Of Matthew" - Jane Fallon
2. "The Girls' Guide To Hunting and Fishing" - Melissa Bank
3. "JPod" - Douglas Coupland
4. "Nieuwe Buren" - Saskia Noort
5. "Wuthering Heights" - Emily Brontë
6. "Godiva" - Nerys Jones
7. "The Virgin's Lover" - Philippa Gregory
8. "The Constant Princess" - Gregory Philippa
9. "Small Is The New Big" - Seth Godin
10. "The Eye Of The World (Wheel Of Time Book 1) - Robert Jordan

Books I finished (August):

1. "Tipping The Velvet" - Sarah Waters
2. "The Great Hunt (Wheel of Time Book 2) - Robert Jordan
3. "Wideacre (Widacre #1) - Philippa Gregory
4. "The Favoured Child (Wideacre #2) - Philippa Gregory

Due to trying to catch up with everything else in life, I didn't get to read a lot this month. Hopefully I will have some more time again in September!

Movies I watched (July):

1: Goodfellas
2. Crank High Voltage
3. Harry Potter 1
4. Harry Potter 2
5. Harry Potter 3
6. Harry Potter 4
7. Harry Potter 5
8. Harry Potter 6
9. Indiana Jones 2
10. Indiana Jones 3
11. Factotum
12. Idiocracy
13. Timeline
14. Choke
15. Taken

I would like to recommend Taken. It is absolutely fantastic and easily one of the best movies I saw this year.

Movies I watched (August):
1. Gladiator
2. Pineapple Express
3. The Hangover
4. I Love You Man
6. Burn After Reading
7. Repo! The Genetic Opera
8. Dirty Harry: Magnum Force
9. The Memory Keepers Daughter
Annoyance of the month: Non-stop migraines!
TV Show Of The Month: Project Runway! Yaaaay, it's back!
Drink Of The Month: Malibu & Coke. I'm lovin' it.
Activity of the month: Getting caught up with everything.Food of the month: Chocolate cookies from the gas station.

Items sold on Tizzalicious.com: 13 in July, 15 in August
Items sold on Tizzalicious.etsy: 16 in July, 14 in August
Items sold on Tizzalicious.dawanda: 51 in July, 23 in August
Total items sold this month: 80 in July, 52 in August

Yikes, my sales were way down this month, especially on DaWanda. They changed their tagging system, and I think that has something to do with it. I now fixed & changed all my tags, so hopefully sales will pick up again.
My July & August Goals were:

♥ None!

Goals for July:
♥ 80 sales total♥ Fix return links on www.tizzalicious.nl


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  2. Oh my gosh! :) I love that you keep a record like that!! I definitely want to start, because that's a great way to keep track of when you saw/read what! Thanks for the idea!

    p.s. How'd you like HP6?

  3. I think I should copy you, keeping a stat that is!! So organized that makes me a little jealous :-) And what a accomplishment you have reached for those many accomplished goals.


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