Friday, September 25, 2009

In Print

Seeing myself in print never fails to make my day. Not that I have been featured in magazines a lot, until recently, a feature in a South African newspaper was the only "seeing myself in print experience" I had.


Then 2 months ago, the owner of Open Shop Amsterdam e-mailed me, saying one of my necklaces was in Cosmo Girl (Dutch Edition), but that it was accidently credited to her own brand. I contacted Cosmo Girl about it, and they told me they would fix it somehow. I expected a tiny little mention saying "Oops, we made a mistake", but they actually printed my e-mail (though slightly edited) and a picture of the necklace in the letters section of the magazine!

Tizzalicious in CosmoGIRL

It brought me a whole bunch of new Dutch customers. Thank you Cosmo Girl!

There was more Tizzalicious in Print fun this week though. The Crafty Market I attended last weekend printed a booklet to send to the press, and for the sellers to hand out. It's a really cute little booklet with recycled products from lots of great artists.

Plastique Fantastique Booklet

Plastique Fantastique Booklet

Now I think about it, I actually had some magazine experience before I even opened my shop. Back in 2000 when my best friend Sillee and I met our favorite band, Hanson. We sent a picture of the event to 3 different magazines, and coincidently they all printed it!


  1. Congratulations on your features! lets hope its the start for many more :-)

  2. that is soooo cool!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!


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