Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cute Craftster Of The Week: SpiceRak Designs

I spotted SpiceRak designs on On The Dot Creations (a blog you dot lovers should definitely check out by the way!) earlier this week. I love the cute retro style of their aprons.

SpiceRak designs aprons are also available in plus sizes!


  1. Hey very cool site.. We happened to be surfing the web and stumbled in on you guys talking about us.. How very cool...

    We actually just set a facebook fan site and are looking at doing a contest to give away one of our aprons.

    Come by and tell us what you think.. and Thank you again so much for posting about us..

  2. wow cute aprons, those are fab!

  3. I love these aprons, they are totally cute!

  4. I particularly love the feminine look of Spike Rak Designs aprons. Almost too pretty to wear in the kitchen! :)


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