Monday, September 14, 2009

Crocs Biggest Fan Vote (For My Friend)

Crocs, you either hate them or love them. I am afraid I fall into the hate them category, but my friend Nathalie from Dina Fragola is a big fan of them. Such a big fan, in fact, that she participated in the Crocs Biggest Fan Photo Contest, with the picture above.

I think Nathalie really deserves to win, because despite my Crocs hate, I think she took an amazing picture. She is currently in the lead, but the number 2 is close behind, and the contest is ending on the 15th (tomorrow!).

Do you want to help Nathalie win 52 pairs of Crocs? Voting is easy! You can do it here, by clicking on the "vote" button. That's all! No need for registrations or filling out e-mail addresses. Just hit that vote button. Nathalie would be super thankful!


  1. I voted!
    That is a really great picture :)

    I believe though that I also fall under the "hate" catagorie of crocs, because comfort just isn't enough.

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  4. I voted and retweetet! I even kind of know the 2nd runner up from myspace, she is from my hometown.
    I'm not a fan of crocs either, but your friends pic is very cute.


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