Thursday, September 10, 2009

Creative Mess & Craft Market Preparations

My creation

Iiiie, what a mess!

This is basically what Casa Tizzalicious looked like the past few days. I have been working hard on my inventory for the Plastique Fantastique Crafty Market in Amsterdam on September 20th, where I will be sharing a stall with Mamutopia. It will be my first market, and I am super excited about it!

My original plan was to only make extra inventory of the items I already have in my shop, but once I took my supplies out I just couldn't resist the urge to create some brand new things.

My creation

I'm really pleased with how everything turned out, especially these gingham hearts! I made brooches and hair clips of them. I also made a whole lot of magnets, because they're always popular, and I think they will be nice little impulse-buy-thingies.

What are your experiences with craft markets? Are you usually succesful, or do you sell more online? Any tips or things I must know or think about? What should I definitely bring along?

I wish I had a large mannequin to show of some of my pieces, and attract customers. I really want one of these smiling ones, but the shipping to Holland is insane. Does anyone know where I could get a mannequin like this, or something similar, in Europe?


  1. I love checking out other artist work spaces, so much fun!

  2. I am sure you will be a huge success! :)

  3. WOW! this is cuteness overload!
    all the stuff is so pretty!
    much success on your sales at the market! :)

  4. it is a really cute mess though! :)

  5. I already diged this my firend.

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  6. Aww I love those gingham hearts!! Precious...
    Good luck at the craft show!

  7. 'Casa Tizzalicous' :D

    Looking good! I think we'll have the cutest stall ;)

  8. Looking awesome!

    I bought a really nice dark chocolate brown mannequin with a real long neck at a wig store that closed down..

    Even verder in het Nederlands: ik kom wel eens in Beekbergen, op de Veluwe, en daar is een winkel propvol allerlei soorten etalagepoppen, tweedehands:
    Konink Etalagepoppen
    Arnhemseweg 525
    7361cj Beekbergen

    Misschien zou je ze eens kunnen bellen!

  9. Don't forget to bring yourself a chair, some coin-money and hot tea or coffee! I couldn't do a market without those :)

  10. Don't forget to bring yourself a chair, some coin-money and hot tea or coffee! I couldn't do a market without those :)

  11. My favorite kind of mess to see!! Looks like you had a ton 'o fun!!! I generally am able to sell my "higher end" items at craft fairs -- my ooak pillow covers, place mats, skirts, and so on that I am not able to move online sell really well in person. I think it is because people can look at and touch them :)

    I cannot help you with the mannequin, but I do think one of those suits the personality of your shop :)

  12. OMG, thre are lots of cute things on that table!! Look to that strawberrie *___*!!

    I normally make handcrafts for some events, and I use to have an online shop, but since I've got so much work as a psychologist, I had to quit about that... for the moment.

    If I see something about that kind of mannequin, I'll write it to you :)

  13. It looks like good creative mess :)


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