Monday, August 24, 2009

Unexpected Cuteness

Finding cuteness in unexpected places or situations always brings a smile to my face. I carry my camera around a lot, so over time I have collected some very random cuteness shots. Here are a few of them.

10/365 Drained

One day while I was cleaning the kitchen, I spotted this cute bear in the sink.


More cuteness!

The boyfriend and I spotted these two monster mosaics during our interrail trip through Europe. The top one is in Paris, the bottom one in Cologne. I heard there is a story about them, but I don't remember what it is. Does anyone of you?

111/365 Happy Period!

Yes, these are exactly what they seem: period pads! I had no idea they would be all cute until I opened the package. What a nice surprise! With pads like these that time of the month would almost become fun.

Stamp With A Smile

The image is a little small, but no less cute. This is a stamp I found on a letter from a Finnish penpal. Too cute!


  1. AH! I love this!!! This is the type of things that make life just a little more awesome. Thanks! This made my day!

  2. We saw some of those in Paris - the space invaders! I'm off to look at the link now :)

  3. I think the mosaic monsters you read about on my blog! They are by an artsist called the Invader (Space Invader) and he is French. They are also in London and other big cities :)

  4. Those pads are amazing! How fun in a weird way!

  5. How CUTE! I love those pads!

  6. Cuteness!! :) I like those monster mosaics!!

  7. About the space invaders:

    I spotted several in Amsterdam and always look around to discover more!


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