Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Space Invaders

Thanks to Maartje from Mamutopia, and from Rowan from Kitschen Sink, I have found out some more about the cute mosaics I posted yesterday.

Space Invader in Barcelona - Image from www.space-invaders.com

They are made by a French guy who calls himself "Invader". Here are some quotes from his website, about his work:

"The idea is to "invade" cities all over the world with characters inspired by first-generation arcade games, and especially the now classic Space Invaders. I make them out of tiles, meaning I can cement them to walls and keep the ultra-pixelated appearance."

"I've traveled to 35 cities on all five continents with the sole intention of "invading" them!"

"Some people call me a polluter, others say I'm an artist. I prefer to think of myself as an invader !"

Space Invader in Bangkok - Image from www.space-invaders.com

What do you think about the Invaders mosaics? Love them? Hate them? Art? Pollution? Personally I think they're fantastic. I will definitely keep my eyes open for them when I am in one of the "invaded" cities.

Space Invader in Ljubljana - Image from www.space-invaders.com


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  2. that is so cool! much better then the stuff that banksy does. Would love to come across one of the little invaders :)

  3. Love them, definitely. I wonder where the 26 in Amsterdam are... I will keep my eyes wide open!


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