Friday, August 28, 2009

Cute Star Trek Geekery

Pssst, did you know I am a huge Star Trek geek? My boyfriend got me into it a few years ago, and we have been working our way through the different series.

Our Star Trek Night this evening inspired me to do a search for Star Trek on Etsy. I have done this more often, to find gifts for the boyfriend, but did you know there's enough Star Trek inspired for the cute loving & girly Trekkie (or Trekker?) too?

This "Spock Monkey" by The Sock Drawer already scores bonus points for its name alone!

Cute Cute Cute! As are all of JooSweetie's items actually! I have to remember this shop for one of my Cute Craftster features!

I really really love this watch necklace by Jezebel Charms. It's simply gorgeous. I love how the antique look of the watch and Star Trek combination actually works!

What can I say? I heart Data!

Isn't this adorable? You can even choose your own uniform color.

I actually found a lot more, but I have to run now. An episode of Star Trek Enterprise is waiting for me!

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  1. It is very interesting indeed

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