Monday, August 31, 2009

Work In Progress

I am getting close to finishing "project catching up with everything", which means I allowed myself some time to create again. Finally! I felt like I hadn't touched my supplies for months!

Work In Progress

Work In Progress

This is what my table has looked like for the past few days. I always try to craft in an organized manner, but I don't seem to be too good at that. Beads are scattered all over the table, boxes are open on top of each other in a not very stable way...I am surprised I haven't knocked one off the table yet!

Work In Progress

I made some different things than usual this time. I noticed my shops "bracelets" and "keychains" category have never been properly filled, so I have been working on changing that. Now I just need to wait for a day with better weather, so I can take proper pictures of them and add them to the shop!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cute Craftster Of The Week

I have wanted an iPhone for a while, and these iPhone cozies by our new Cute Craftster of the Week, Vintage Coquette, make me wish I had one even more! They are so cute!

Visit Vintage Coquette for more!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stationery Saturday: Paper Eclectiques

Every Saturday is Stationery Saturday here at the Tizzalicious blog! I find a stationery and/or paper goods store, and share my favorite items from that store with you. This week I picked Paper Eclectiques.

Visit Paper Eclectiques for more!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cute Star Trek Geekery

Pssst, did you know I am a huge Star Trek geek? My boyfriend got me into it a few years ago, and we have been working our way through the different series.

Our Star Trek Night this evening inspired me to do a search for Star Trek on Etsy. I have done this more often, to find gifts for the boyfriend, but did you know there's enough Star Trek inspired for the cute loving & girly Trekkie (or Trekker?) too?

This "Spock Monkey" by The Sock Drawer already scores bonus points for its name alone!

Cute Cute Cute! As are all of JooSweetie's items actually! I have to remember this shop for one of my Cute Craftster features!

I really really love this watch necklace by Jezebel Charms. It's simply gorgeous. I love how the antique look of the watch and Star Trek combination actually works!

What can I say? I heart Data!

Isn't this adorable? You can even choose your own uniform color.

I actually found a lot more, but I have to run now. An episode of Star Trek Enterprise is waiting for me!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two Girls, One Up

This made me giggle.

If you don't see why it's funny, you might be better off not knowing, trust me.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DaWanda Wednesday: Petie

DaWanda is a European based shopping platform for handmade products. Every wednesday I pick one of my favorite DaWanda sellers, and share some of there items with you. This week we will take a look at Petie's great creations!

Visit Petie on DaWanda for more!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Space Invaders

Thanks to Maartje from Mamutopia, and from Rowan from Kitschen Sink, I have found out some more about the cute mosaics I posted yesterday.

Space Invader in Barcelona - Image from

They are made by a French guy who calls himself "Invader". Here are some quotes from his website, about his work:

"The idea is to "invade" cities all over the world with characters inspired by first-generation arcade games, and especially the now classic Space Invaders. I make them out of tiles, meaning I can cement them to walls and keep the ultra-pixelated appearance."

"I've traveled to 35 cities on all five continents with the sole intention of "invading" them!"

"Some people call me a polluter, others say I'm an artist. I prefer to think of myself as an invader !"

Space Invader in Bangkok - Image from

What do you think about the Invaders mosaics? Love them? Hate them? Art? Pollution? Personally I think they're fantastic. I will definitely keep my eyes open for them when I am in one of the "invaded" cities.

Space Invader in Ljubljana - Image from

Monday, August 24, 2009

Unexpected Cuteness

Finding cuteness in unexpected places or situations always brings a smile to my face. I carry my camera around a lot, so over time I have collected some very random cuteness shots. Here are a few of them.

10/365 Drained

One day while I was cleaning the kitchen, I spotted this cute bear in the sink.


More cuteness!

The boyfriend and I spotted these two monster mosaics during our interrail trip through Europe. The top one is in Paris, the bottom one in Cologne. I heard there is a story about them, but I don't remember what it is. Does anyone of you?

111/365 Happy Period!

Yes, these are exactly what they seem: period pads! I had no idea they would be all cute until I opened the package. What a nice surprise! With pads like these that time of the month would almost become fun.

Stamp With A Smile

The image is a little small, but no less cute. This is a stamp I found on a letter from a Finnish penpal. Too cute!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stationery Saturday: Anna Ruby King

Every Saturday is Stationery Saturday here at the Tizzalicious blog! I find a stationery and/or paper goods store, and share my favorite items from that store with you. This week I picked Anna Ruby King.

P.S. Anna Ruby King also sells some adorable jewelry, like these earrings!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mushrooms, Dots & Gingham: Bobby Pins & Hair Clips

Polka Dot Bobby Pins available at, Etsy & DaWanda

Two shop updates in a row! I have added some bobby pins & earrings that match the rings I posted about yesterday.

Mushroom Bobby Pins available at, Etsy & DaWanda

I am happy I got these added to the shop. I told myself not to make anything new until I was caught up with adding everything. It took me a while, but now everything that I made has been added. I can't wait to start playing with my beads, fabrics and charms again!

Gingham Stud Earrings available at, Etsy & DaWanda

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Rings at Tizzalicious

I am a little slow with adding new items to the shop this summer, but I have finally added these rings to the shop! Their colors make me happy. I hope they make you happy too!

As always, they are all available at, Etsy & DaWanda.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DaWanda Wednesday: Bridget Davies

This weeks' DaWanda finds are by the talented Bridget Davies from England. Unfortunately I am not traveling anywhere this year, so I have no excuse to buy one of her passport covers. They are on my list of things to buy in the future though!

Visit Bridget Davies on DaWanda for more!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fabric Shopping & Serger Excitement

Pretty New Fabric

As you can see from the picture above, I went a little fabric shopping happy recently! I didn't mean to buy this much, but I just couldn't choose!

What do I need this much fabric for, you might ask? Well, I want to start filling up the bags & wallets category in my shop finally, make some new Blythe dresses, and last but not least, make some new clothes for myself!

Pretty New Fabric

Pretty New Fabric

These have larger prints, and will probably be used for a dresses or skirts for myself. Or maybe a cute apron for upcoming craft markets?

Pretty New Fabric

Pretty New Fabric

Pretty New Fabric

Pretty New Fabric

Pretty New Fabric

Lots of smaller prints for Blythe clothes, wallets, small clutches and maybe fabric covered button goodies? Some Matryoshka rings maybe? And deer bobby pins?

Pretty New Fabric

Unfortunately I got a nice bill from customs when the package came. Boo! :( Do you shop for fabric and other supplies online? Or do you prefer going to an actual store?

Pretty New Fabric

And some other exciting sewing related news: I bought myself a serger last week! It's a Bernina 1100D and it's awesome. Look!

I felt a bit like an idiot in the store though. I never used a serger before, and neither did my (sewing savvy) mom who I brought with me. Luckily the lady from the store was really nice and she explained a lot. She showed me how to thread it, and then made me try myself, so we'd be sure I'd be able to do it. It was a lot easier than I expected!

I also got 4 free spools of thread, and I can call anytime within the next year for a free lesson to learn all of the machines possibilities.

So now I have another question for those of you who sew and maybe have sergers: Where do you buy your thread? Does anyone maybe know a sewing supplies wholesaler? (Especially one of you Dutchies maybe?)