Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tilda Face Painting Kit & Rice Needlebook

The other day I went downtown to get some things I needed to customize one of my Blythe dolls. I couldn't find what I needed, but I did come home with some other fun crafty goodies!

Tilda Face Painting Set

This is a face painting kit by Tilda. I can't wait to make some dolls and try it out! I am not good at paining, but I am hoping this kit will help me. Tilda always has the greatest stuff. Our craft store has a large Tilda section, so whenever I go there to look at the fabrics (because Tilda fabric is just sooo pretty!), I see all the other tempting Tilda goodies too, and I have a hard time not buying the ones meant for crafts I'm not even familiar with. Maybe it's time to start learning some new things?

Tilda Face Painting Set

I tried to find a place to buy the face painting kit online, but I had a hard time. In fact, I couldn't even find Tilda's website. Does anyone know if they have one? The Panduro webshop doesn't seem to have the face painting kit either, but I did find it at Puddle Crafts, a UK webstor, in case anyone is interested.

I also bought the oilcloth that's in the background of the pictures. I will use it to protect oyr table from scratches and glue when making things. It will be a shame to get this pretty cloth stained, but better that than the table I guess, and I don't like having an ugly tablecloth on the table every time I have work in progress lying around (read: always) either!

Rice Needle Book

Another thing I got is this fantastic retro looking needlebook by Rice. I always lose my needles, so I could use a couple of new ones. That, plus my obsession with pretty packaging just made me have to get this!


  1. I like to drawing something. It is my one of the favourite hobby. I am so happy with your face painting art. Its looks so funny. 

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  2. I love the Rice 'Vintage' needle set, saw it in last week sunday mail mag and had a real job tracking them down! Now have 5 packs safely stashed in my gifts drawer as stocking fillers! they are fab looking though arn't they x

  3. i would love to read more from you on this

    Have a nice day
    emily khlo

  4. I'm a total sucker for pretty packaging too! You scored well :)


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