Monday, July 20, 2009

An Apple A Day...

Apples have been an often seen theme in my creations, but now they are also taking over my house!

I bought these apple coasters at Prods & Primes in Utrecht last week. I never had enough coasters for guests, and don't like the table being covered in coasters, so these coasters than form an apple when they are stacked are just perfect for me.

Apple Cutting Board

My apple cutting board is also from Prods & Primes. It's so cute I am afraid to use it though, but it's looking pretty in the kitchen.

New Apartment (Kitchen)

My awesome apple oven mittens from Lagerhaus. I need to go there again some time soon, because last time I was there they had a huge apple collection. Swooooon.


  1. that apple coaster is a great idea, and looks great :)

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