Friday, May 29, 2009

Shopping With Maartje from Mamutopia

Kitsch Kitchen 2009 Journal

I went shopping with Maartje from Mamutopia last Friday! We didn't really know each other apart from what we read in each others blogs and our brief meeting at the Spring Is In The Air Market in Amsterdam last month, so I was kind of nervous! There was no need for that though, we share our first name, and our love for cuteness, so it was bound to be a success!

A success it was indeed, I had a really nice time, and bought some nice things too! We bought a couple of the same things even, we really do have the same taste!

Kitsch Kitchen 2009 Journal & Wallet

Some of the things I bought were this cute little pouch, and Kitsch Kitchen journal/planner. I wanted the journal forever, but it was a little expensive, but now it was on sale! 2009 is half gone by now too, so that explains the sale, but you can buy the insides seperately, so it won't be completely useless come 2010.

Kitsch Kitchen 2009 Journal

I guess you can see what made me love the outside of the journal (ginghaaaaam!), but the inside is great too. It's filled with colorful kitchy pictures:

My creation

Other things I bought were a very cute apple shaped cutting board (no pictures of that yet, sorry!) and a new suitcase (not so cute, but very useful!).


  1. hihi jealous! if i was still living in NL, i would have definitely wanted to join you girls on the next shopping trip!

  2. Yeah, it was lots of fun! Your planner is really cute, too bad I didn't need it :)
    I planned a blog post about our shopping trip too!

    Ismoyo: haha, that would be nice :)

  3. You got a nice blog up there.



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