Monday, May 4, 2009

Hair Flowers

I showed you a peek of these last week, but they weren't in the shop then yet, so here they are finished and available to buy, my latest hair flowers!

Hair Flowers available at, Etsy & DaWanda

I made some of these last year, but at the end of summer, which is not a good time to start selling hair flowers of course! So I still have a bunch of the old designs left, and created some new ones too.

I always tell myself to make more for myself, but the hair flowers are the only things I made a lot of just for me. I kept one of almost all the designs for myself, because I love hair flowers so much. Whenever the weather is warm enough not to wear a hat, the flower goes in my hair. And during the winter I even used a flower pin as a hat pin!


  1. Those are so sweet and definitely perfect for spring!! I love that you wear flowers a lot!! I should do that too! :)

  2. These are very cute, good job. I don't wear hair flowers but for sure I'll pass your link to my friends who do.

  3. these are very pretty thank you for sharing. love Glenda

  4. i just LOVEEE the last onee!
    i don't know what type of flower is
    haha lol :P
    but it looks so amazingly cute!
    how do you made it? what type of material is or what
    i lovee it you're so creative
    good look :D


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