Friday, May 8, 2009

Crafty Girls Cross Promotion Flyer

Crafty Girls Flower

Oooops, I almost forgot to show you the awesome Crafty Girls flyers I got some time ago! Better fix that!

Crafty Girls Flower is a Dutch website about, you guessed it, crafts. There are tutorials, links to other nice crafty sites, and a great forum!

One of the things the site organizes is a cross promotion flyer. There is space for 7 shops, so as soon as 7 people signed up, the flyer are created, and each of the participants gets 500 flyers. So not only do you get 500 flyers to pass out to (potential) customers, but the other 6 girls will pass them out too, which means you reach a whole new audience. I loved the idea, so I signed up a few months ago. A few weeks ago there were enough sign-ups, and not long afterwards I got a big stack of flyers.

Crafty Girls Flower

I share the flyer with these fantastic crafty ladies:

Made By Rebel

Tab Tab
Freekje Groenemans Kinderfotografie

Mamutopia is the only site in English, sorry guys!

Crafty Girls Flower

Crafty Girls Flower

One side of the flyer has the ads for the participating shops, and the other side has some info about the Crafty Girls website. I love how they turned out! They came just in time for the launch of too. Perfect.

If you are a crafty girl from the Netherlands and would like to sign up for the next flyer, go to the Crafty Girls website, and select "crosspromotie flyer" under the "info" tab.


  1. What a wonderful idea - I wish somethings like this would exist in Germany!

  2. What a great idea for promoting! And the cards look great too. :) Very cute!

  3. this is nice information need to know more

    sam hardsy


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