Saturday, May 2, 2009

April Stats & May Goals

Happy May! Time really flies. I feel like I only just posted my March stats!

Books I finished:

1. "The Host" - Stephenie Meyer
2. "The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas" - John Boyne
3. "Joe Speedboot" - Tommy Wieringa
4. "This Year It Will Be Different" - Maeve Binchy
5. "Being Emily" - Anne Donovan
6. "From Here To Maternity" - Sinéad Moriarty
7. "The Last Concubine" - Lesley Downer
8. "De Eetclub" - Saskia Noort
9. "The Lover" - Laura wilson
10. "Everyone Worth Knowing" - Lauren Weisberger
11. "Water For Elephants" - Sara Gruen
12. "Making Your Mind Up" - Jill Mansell
13. "Tirza" - Arnon Grunberg

Wow, I clearly was in the mood for reading this month! I discovered I love crime novels. I always thought they weren't my thing, but after trying one, I found out I love them! A whole new world of books just opened for me!

Movies I watched:

1. The Black Dahlia
2. The Wicker Man
3. Twilight

Only 3 movies! That's a bit sad. But with all the books, you can imagine there wasn't a lot of time for movies.

I finally saw the Twilight movie! And though I love the book more, I really enjoyed the movie. And, sorry to sound like a teenie, but Edward really is nice to look at!

Happiness of the month: Spring, sun & blue skies!
Annoyance of the month: Hayfever!
Activity of the month: Reading, reading, and some more reading
Food of the month: Falafel. Yumyum. I think I ate way too much of it, but it's so good! Also strawberries & bananes (cut up and mixed). Delicious!

Items sold on 12
Items sold on Tizzalicious.etsy: 23
Items sold on Tizzalicious.dawanda: 70
Total items sold this month: 105

My April Goals were:

♥ 125 sales
♥ Finish adding all new items to the shop

I didn't make the 125 sales goal, but I did sell 105 items, which is exactly the same number as last month. At least it didn't go down!

I also reached some other goals, like finishing
Goals for May:
♥ 125 sales
Did you reach your April goals? And what are your plans for May?


  1. nice and good articles in here, im glad to be here for read in ur blog, i hope we can make a friends

  2. I loved the book too, I started reading it, and finished it the same day :o

  3. Haha yes, it was a bit awkward indeed! It made me feel awkward just looking at it, haha :P

    I found the poster image on google, it's good, isn't it?

  4. Wow, you sure read a lot last month! It's been ages since I've had my head stuck in a good book. I miss reading! My head just hasn't been in the right space for reading lately. Hope that changes soon! I saw that Twilight movie and didn't expect to like it but I was pleasantly surprised :)

  5. thats a really good idea to set a goal for your sales, I think I might do that this month.

  6. Yes there is indeed! :)

    I'm not too worried, at least I didn't sell less than the other months :)

  7. It's awesome how much you read this month! I painted a lot again, but didn't even finish a book. The musical kind of took over I guess!

  8. yeah Edward was the only good thing about that movie for me. lol I feel like a cradle robber tho :p

    I really enjoyed "The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas" - John Boyne. I recommend it a lot to people

  9. i'm kinda hoping that they got all of the weird awkwardness out of the way in this first movie and the next one won't be so....awkward! lol...but i still enjoyed it. the whole twilight series just captured me. :)
    by the way...where is that twilight poster from? THAT one should have been the one plastered all over the place! i love it!

  10. The Wickerman. I believe there is a kid called Rowan in that? And it's a girl? Makes a change!

    Sorry you didn't meet your sales goal, but I really think it's down to the economy, I bought bugger all last month because I am so skint! It'll pick up I'm sure :)


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